Selling Famous Louis Vuitton monogram

  1. I have just recently received a hand me down from my aunt who just so happens to be a famous icon in Canada. Let me give u sum info on her Marlen Cowpland whom is married to world renowned co-founder of Corel corp as well as a star in Canadian television for her foundation of Celebrity Pet's a show where she basically interviews famous people and there pet's some of which are Biff naked , and Edie Falco of The Sopranos. Anyways back on track i am planning selling this Purse which is in Excellent condition working zipper and locks still with keys in box # 317 ...i am in the process of setting up a eBay account and taking pic's of it ..i was just wondering from a different perspective what someone would pay for this purse ..i was thinking of a $ 2500 range but i am not particularly knowledgeable in the subject so please don't flame me for the price ...I need the money so that i can upgrade my computer
  2. Umm... :confused1: WHAT purse is it? LV monogram what?
  3. selling is not allowed here.
  4. couldn't your aunt just buy you a computer instead of giving you a hand me down?

    just curious..i'm sure she wouldn't miss two grand or so.
  5. Well first off, what type of monogram LV are we talking about?

    2) Who are these people because I've never heard of them and I doubt many others have either and that won't fetch you that much money.

    3) Many famous people have been caught carrying fakes, make sure it's real before listing. I can't tell you how many "rich aunt" bags on Ebay are fake.

    4) Stories don't sell unless you have pictures of said people with you and said bag together. (I.E.: the Tori Spelling's closet lady makes money because she has pictures of her and Tori)

    5) Where did you come up with $2500?.

    6) being a new member, and selling a bag with a story, and a high $$ ammount, you'll probably either A) make the Pulse, but not sell it, or B) have the bag reported as a counterfeit because you're a new seller.
  6. I think it would have to be haunted by at least one deceased and naked celebrity.

    And if the haunting has resulted in a stain that resembles a well-known religious figure from a popular faith tradition, that's always a plus.