Selling fakes & authentic at the same time

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  1. There is a fellow ebayer who seem to sell authentic Bbags but she also has fake bags in her auctions listed as motocycle bags but of course not using the Balenciaga name.

    As much as I think the authentic ones are the real thing, it makes me a bit hesitant to buy from he/her.

    Why would anyone do that kind of thing?
  2. Probably hoping someone would look at one of their "real" auctions and assume that all of their items are legit.
  3. I think, in the Balenciaga forum anyway, we all know who this seller is. After several of her auctions were discussed and consequently taken down for spam (she used to actually put Balenciaga in the titles), her "friend" even wrote a rant on Authenticate This Balenciaga about how she was a struggling, working mom, just trying to feed her children and that we were all impeding that by outing her. At least she quit putting the word Balenciaga in the main title. Innocent people who don't know B bags probably thought they could be real. I am sure a few still buy those "Besso" or motorcycle bags thinking they are somehow connected to Balenciaga. These are fake, not real. But as the friend adamantly said, "they ARE real Besso"!!!
  4. What :cursing: is she a member of the forum too and can i have her id so i can be more careful when i shop on evilbay.
  5. anyone interested in her id can pm me.......she knowingly sold a fake balenciaga after several members had emailed her telling her to take it down because it was a fake. She didn´t take it down...she sold it! I would never buy from that person even if she had my holy grail for a bargain...I don´t deal with unethical people if I can avoid it,

  6. wow, can't believe she actually used "balenciaga" in her titles....but she also sells the real deal? hmm...i wouldn't trust this seller...just my 2 cents. don't know what kind of tricks she has up her sleeves.
  7. This is just insane!
  8. so working mothers get to scam people? hmmm..learn something new everyday.

    glad she took the titles down.
  9. I have a question. What is a Besso bag? TIA
  10. Even now with this horrendous 30 day restriction imposed by eBay, she is still able to sell these bags? I can't even list my pop art prints with LV in the designs, whether or not I have LV anywhere in my description/title is not relevant. I have tried both and still they got removed.

    I find it odd that she is able to get away with this, whether or not she has Balenciaga in the listing or not. It seems to be just so random, doesn't it?
  11. This is great news!! Since I am a single working mother do I get to scam AND steal? :tdown:

    It is ok to sell the "inspired by" bags, but not if you are trying to fool people...everybody knows the boundaries, some people just do anything for money...:shrugs:
  12. just do an ebay search for Besso listings..... as long as the listings are described accurately as Besso , I don't think theres a problem.....
    I notice besso also mimics spy bags.......
    Feedback says it all, and reading listings throughly.....
  13. There are a number of sellers who do that. There is one that sells mostly authentic stuff, but fake Tsumori Chisato and Marni. It drives me bonkers!!! Their Marni dresses go for over $500 sometimes, even though they are clearly fake. I keep hoping that it is just shilling and that people aren't really paying that much for a sad fake dress.
  14. There's is one thing that I really don't understand. LV replicas are not allowed on ebay but theres alot of people selling BESSO bags that is clearly a replica of the BBag and others selling ONLY replica bags of other designers and get away with it. Although they don't use the designer's name on it, sometimes the style name is used and is that ok? I just don't get it. I mean a copy is still a copy right? Alot of times pics of celebrity using these bags are being posted as well. I tried listing some of my authentic LVs and ebay pull thems off saying they are fake but allow these other sellers to get away with it. Where is the justice in this!
  15. With the Bessos from that seller, it is really a mere technicality: she is not breaking any rules on ebay. If she actually puts "Balenciaga" in the title she can be reported, but "Motorcycle Bag" or Lariat style Bag" or "Besso Motorcycle Bag" is not spamming. It's just that the unschooled buyer might think these are real Balenciaga because of the fact that she does sell authentic too. Her "friend's" story about her selling the fake mustard yellow Balenciaga is that someone gave her the bag on consignment and she didn't know it was a fake (even though about a zillion people on the forum emailed and told her it was a fake).
    I think LV and Chanel may be more closely monitored by Ebay, but believe me, if a fake Bal comes up, the PF "policewomen" here are going to report it to ebay if they find out about it!!!!!:yahoo:You can run, but you can't hide!