Selling Fakes at Octoberfest!

  1. I dunno how many Bostonians we have here but over the weekend was Octoberfest in Harvard Square. While frolicking hand in hand with my husband I came across a booth with the UGLIEST fake Coach bags EVER. I was so pissed! Him and his buddys were selling them for like 40 bucks a pop. Anyways we move on and I'm ranting about it and I finally decide to come back, take a photo for the forum, and talk to security there, but someone beat me to it! There were two cops there talking to them and I just KNEW why. >=) I tried to listen in on the convo and the cops were pretty much explaining that they couldn't care less but it is illegal and they had to close the booth or something blablabla. I was pleased as punch!!! Would it happen to be any of you lovely ladies who notified the authorities?? ;)
  2. that's pretty cool....i didn't think they were really so strict to enforce rules like that.
  3. It's very nice of you to do that:tup: I didn't think the cops were enforcing it.... i thought it only works when manufacturers notify them.... maybe i should start doing it next I come across something like that...