Selling clothes/shoes at consignment store?

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  1. Anyone have any luck with this? I have some jeans and some shoes that I need to sell, and there is a store called My Sister's Closet that is supposed to be a "higher end" consignment shop, but I don't want to gather all my stuff up, drive down there, etc. if it isn't worth it. I think you get 45% of the selling price?

    Or am I better off doing a garage sale/craigslist/ebay? The only thing that stinks is that a lot of my jeans are True Religions, WR, R& I don't want them to be marked for like $20 and then get only 45% of that, KWIM?

    I would love to hear any experiences people have had with consignment stores. TIA! :biggrin:
  2. Ok here is the truth Illinois we also have My Sister's Closet , but I never drop off any stuff there ( I ma not sure if this is same company). When I am looking around the TR are marked 10-20$ , R&R 20$ , most of them is kind of old style , but still. The other places marked from 65-90$ (like Plato's Closet). You always will have just 50% off selling , in any place. An garage sale people are looking staff from 1-10 $ max , so thais never works. For long time I just gave my clothes to friends , but one day I found out why not to resale. An the beginning I prefered drop off my staff ( easy way), and wait ( up to the contract most is 3 months) . Some places can take your staff without waiting and pay you just right now , but theyonly will give you few backs. After 3 months my consingment store sent me a check , also they ask if I want pick up or leave nonselling items like a donation.My check was only 200$ ( dont ask how much I spent for my drop off staff) . So today I prefer Ebay , I am the boss , I decided what and how to sell . You have to spend more time to do it , and have some extra cost but for me works great . Good luck to you!!!
  3. ^^Thank you so much for the honest feedback.

    OK totally dumb question -- on Ebay, if your item doesn't sell, do you still have to pay the ebay fees?

    I have sold stuff on ebay before but it has always sold! LOL
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    If you dont sell ,you only pay the listing fees ( to list item , like photo and put an ebay ) . The selling fees are only from selling items. Now you need pay pal to sell it. So any time you recived a payment , you will se an pay pal your payment minus the charging ebay fee like 30 $ selling - 1.70 $ ebay fee ( just example ). But any time you relist the item , you have to pay again the listing fees :sad: I know isnt great . Also 5 day listing fees are lower than 3 days. My experience- more description photos more selling . I always offer more photos to buyer , to send an privet email . Is cheaper than put 10 photos an ebay . Before you make a listings , check the auction for similar item , so you will see how they sell . Sometimes is cheaper than I want list but sometimes is better than i tought.
  5. I used to sell on eBay, but then it became too much of a hassle for me. People wouldn't pay on time (if at all), or they'd want to return an item because they realized it didn't match what they already had in their closet. Many times my items wouldn't sell right away and I'd have to relist them several times. Then there were all the hassles with PayPal, shipping/packaging, etc. For me, it became way too much trouble.

    Earlier this year I decided to take my items into a consigment shop. It's worked out great for me; I just take my items in on hangers and the store does all the rest. They send me a check every 2-3 months. I definitely made more money on eBay, but I just don't have the time or patience to deal with it anymore.
  6. That's so funny--we have a "my sisters closet" in my town too.

    I just dropped off two pairs of jeans and a couple of pairs of shoes--my first time to try this (I normally just give away clothes I'm not going to wear). At the MSC in my town they do 40% on jeans unless they're high-end (Citizens TR whatever) then it's 50%. So, that's worth checking into.

    The jeans at this store (I looked through the rack) were about $40. So that's not much money for sure. I'm sure you could probably get more $$ from ebay, but I just don't want to mess with that either.

    BTW, while I was in there, I bought a great dress for $30. That was kind of fun! (not a high-end dress. . .it was a Maggie London (probably retailed for less than $150). . .but it still had the tags on and it fit me like a glove. and for $30? Why not?)
  7. I have consigned clothes and shoes and while you don't get a lot I find it adds up. I generally consign shoes and clothes that are NWT, but anything worn I give to charity unless it's a well know brand like a Burberry jacket.
  8. I sell my lower-end stuff to consignment stores: Hollister, A&F, Guess, and a bit of Juicy. I have yet to sell my higher end things. And I'll probibly sell them on ebay. We get either 25% of the selling price or 40% in store credit.
  9. I haven't consigned items yet but I do bring them in for trade. Where I go, you can get 35% in cash or 50% in trade. It works well for me to bring say, 3 to 5 items that don't fit me any more or aren't my style and to come out with one or two things that I love that fit well.
  10. I had an item accepted for consignment, but it hasn't sold yet. If it does I get 50% of whatever they list.

    I think for a garage sale you are not going to do well since most people who come by are probably not looking for designer goods. The best way to get a sense of whether Craigslist or Ebay will work for you is to go on and see whether anyone is listing designer (check your area on CL) and if so how much it's going for. The main problem with selling yourself is you have to deal with a lot of hassle -- pictures, description, spam, non-paying bidders, listing fees, etc. Unless you really need the money, imo not worth it, which is why I decided to consign.
  11. try selling on bonanzle. there are no listing fees there.

    i dislike selling my clothes to consignment stores because they have the nerve to offer me $5 each for $70 Ralph Lauren and Lacoste shirts in excellent condition. that's just unfair. i quickly walked away and gave my gently used clothes to my cousins.
  12. Thanks, ladies!
  13. I bring my stuff to a high end consignment store. Items must be clean and in excellent condition (they go over every item with a fine tooth comb). They are very good at looking at all the telltale signs of an authentic bag. Their cut is 50%. I bring my items in that I havent use in quite awhile and then wait for a check in the mail.

    It is so easy! When I drop stuff off, it gives me the opportunity to purchase other items for myself. I have seen Bals, Chanels, Guccis, Fendi, MJ, RM and so many others when they are brought in.
  14. ^^Nice!

    Dumb question, but how do you find out about the high-end consignment stores?

    In Arizona, the best one I can think of is called My Sister's Closet.
  15. Try google consignment stores by zip code , state , city and read people review , that helps. I found in my area more than expected . Some consignments has websites , so you will see what brands they are interesting . The high-end are very picky from Chanel , St. John , Prada , Burberry , YSL...but then compare to prices from 150-2000/3000$ ( like Chanel bags or suites).