Selling bags that need repaired?

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  1. I have a bag I want to sell that could use some repairs. The edge sealer on the straps has peeled off and it's happened in more than one spot. Other than that issue, it's a great bag and is higher end.

    Is it worth trying to sell? Or would it be wise to get it repaired first and then try and sell it?
  2. I think it depends on how much you want out of the bag and whether it's in high demand. If it's a great bag and you don't want $$$$ out of it, offer it as is with plenty of pics. If you want $$$$ out of it, get it repaired but you'll probably need to disclose that fact.
  3. if you could get a quote for the repairs and add that to the description it would likely help the sale out...
  4. The majority of buyers wouldn't know where to get it repaired of couldn't be bothered so I expect you would do better if you had it repaired yourself before listing it. (Unless the repair costs are prohibitively expensive.) As varied_obsessions said, you should disclose that it had been repaired.
  5. Hey
    I have sold many designer bags that need repair and even worse designer clothing with stains. As surprising as it sounds a LOT of people bid on it. Of course you cant expect to get the same amount of money as you would if it was in perfect conditions
    The key is to be honest. Take accurate pictures and write accurate descriptions of ALL the damages so no one can complan to you after they receive the item
    Good luck!