Seller sent me a counterfeit Balenciaga bag,Need help!

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  1. I recently purchase a Burgundy balenciaga bag and has acquire all kind of photos or information that i need to justify if it's real.Clever that he email me all the photos of a 'real' balenciaga bag,but in fact sent me a GOOD FAKE.

    I've been having issues with the sellers 2 weeks ago,after the auction end i make my payment immediately and trying to reach him.i have not heard him since until i opened a file to paypal and called him all the way to ITALY!

    He'd been giving me conflict excuses, these are what happen :
    • 16th - i made the payment
    • 16th -> 22th - despite i boom bark him with all the emails,he never reply at all.
    • 22th - I decided to call him,he then told my boyfriend (italian also) that the shipment has been returned to him JUST TODAY , so he will ship it again after easter.
    • 24th - I Opened file to paypal said items not received
    • 25th - he wrote me an email ,said the bag is actually shipped on the 2nd day after the auction ended.He blame the delay cause by fedex.
    • 26th - he try to accused me now that i stop the shipping and suspect my dishonesty,he think i have the bag:wtf: !
    • 27th - he said he check with fed ex,it is on the way
    • 31st - i receive the bag, AND IT'S COUNTERFEIT B BAG!!:hysteric:,and i double check with the shipment sheet, he actually begin to send the shipment by 28th which is like 2 weeks after the auction end ,and all these while he is trying to play his trick on me and lied that he sent it!
    • i did wrote him a long email accusing his wrongful try, he did actually denied it and tell me to send the bag back. I told him i will only do that if you refund me in full. Since then,i have not heard from him.
    The file has evolved from a merely item not receive to receiving a counterfeit goods.The seller still insist the bag is genuine and even said , 'Oh, i'm not sure the bag you talking about is my bag'. lucky was i kept all the email he sent me which included the close up photos to the plate number and that is match to the bag he sent me.The case is under review , but in the future paypal might need letter of confirmation that shows the bag is counterfeit with letter head.i tried to call to Balenciaga in london and paris,they will not stand out for me let alone harvey nicoles and selfridges. This is really confuse me as i thought big branded company like them should be active and happy to defend their authenticity and assist anything to prevent couterfeit goods of their brand.

    Do you guys have any idea how to get this letter? Many shops will not bear to help me as i do not purchase the bag from them.Please, let me know if you have any experience going through this.I hate counterfeit goods, i can't believe i spend £500 for buying a USED counterfeit bag.:hysteric:
  2. doesnt mypoupette provide an authentication service?
  3. yea!i just did that,saw the other similiar post earlier and recommend mypoupette.I have sent all the photos and purchased their superrush service so hopefully i will get it within two days.Will update what happen with paypal later then.It seems like i have been reading a lot about their 'lame' excuses for not receiving faxes. I will constantly check with them once i fax the statement.
  4. Try :tup: I have read some bad reviews about My Poupette the last month, very slow service, if any at all!!:tdown:
  5. Papyp, I am so sorry you have to go thru this, this is what happened to me also, about 5 months ago, fake Bbag too, would you mind posting the link of the auction here? To warn us just incase we come across this scammer!

    Good Luck with your claim!
  6. can u contact c/c company for chargeback ??
  7. hm, im not surprised that Balenciaga in london and paris aren't willing to help you since they dont like their goods being sold on ebay, real or not. or at least they would prefer that you dont buy their goods on ebay. something like that. lol, sorry. i'm really sorry that happened. the guy sounds like a real jerk and a liar but its really smart of you to keep all the evidence. you have a good case and hopefully paypal will decide in your favor.

    what is the buyer protection plan the seller has? does it cover up to 200 or 2000. hopefully its enough to cover what you paid for.

    after this is all done and over with, you should definitely leave feedback to warn other buyers of this seller.
  8. Call your CC company/bank and file fraud that will get the ball rolling and your money back. I've heard great things about caroldiva and her authenticity. I'd use her.
    So sorry that this is happening to you. Good luck!
  9. do as fellow tpf suggested.. sorry it happen to you...keep us posted:heart::flowers:
  10. I will ring up poupette if they happen to delay me,I just want to have this settle ASAP.For future reference,the link below is the item,BEWARE OF THIS MOST FOOLISH ITALIAN I EVER KNOWN IN MY LIFE(apart from my bf,he is far too clever :idea:)

    So about the paypal thing,when i look at the coverage i'm only under protection for aroun £150 ($300++),but i did file a Buyer Complaint Policy which stated the item is 'significantly not as described' especially it is a counterfeit goods.Buyer Complaint Policy will entitle you to have full reform but it is only under the discretion of Paypal review team.But with all the things on my hand, i have the confidence to win this case.
  11. Hi guys,
    just need to write back to say i have SUCCESSFULLY get my refund from paypal today.WOoohooo!:yahoo:

    But something weird about paypal,they only refund me the 3rd of the money i paid to the seller a month ago. I was furious initially and thinking if they wanna charge me they CAN'T charge me that much . That is like £70 short.So i rang them up and the girl over the phone was like...Oh....right....i'm gonna refund you the rest now. What were they thinking :shrugs:

    The disrespectful seller trying to email me few days ago and threaten that he would report to the police if i dun return the counterfeit bag to him.Well i told him that i have already destroyed it and sign the form back to paypal.Then he goes nut and start twisting the story again,say,Oh i spoke to my lawyer how can you justify the bag you have is mine and is fake? well , i told him i have leave it all to paypal and if you want to report me PLEASE GO AHEAD and stop bugging me. I got the money back and reward myself a New Blackberry curve after all these days of hussle...
  12. Glad that your story had a good ending and sorry you had to go through all that just to get your money back. I don't know what the answer is to all this fraud on ebay - that is the old bait and switch: where they show a real bag in listing, then they send a fake bag, right??
  13. YAY!!! So happy that it ended well for you!! wooohooo!!
  15. I'm SO happy that it worked out for you! I once bought a fake Burberry and my heart sank to my toes wheni got's the worse feeling!