Seller: Semira22 on eBay BEWARE!

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  1. #1 Sep 26, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2010
    For those that reads this, I highly highly highly recommend to ASK this seller for more photos before purchasing! She has been using FAKE/STOLEN images from other sellers in order to sell her items. Surprisingly this has been occurring since 2006!

    Although she has sold OVER 200+ items, they are all listed as "pre-owned" but all with the same pictures over and over again!

    Just to repeat myself, a few screen shots I have taken when asking her about the item. Since some listing are gone already.

    here is a small thread with someone trying to report her: xx please do not link to other forums

    Let me know if you require a screen shot or want me to email the conversation I had with this seller.
  2. She has 100% feedback yet quite a lot of negs, how's that work ? have I missed something?
  3. omg
    what do i do now?
    i won one of her auctions and i paid!!
  4. She also has a lot of recent good feedback, I would see what comes and take it from there.
  5. thanks for the post OP this is exactly why this forum is so important!

    People do ur own recon too......
  6. I PANICKED when i saw this thread yesterday! If it does end up being fake or not what it's described, could i file a claim? She said she doesnt do returns or refunds...

  7. If she was paid via Pay Pal then she DOES accept returns and does refunds. That's at Pay Pal's/Ebay's discretion, not hers.
  8. Sellers almost always state on their listing that they don't accept refunds/returns but they have to if you paid by paypal and the item wasn't as described!!
  9. Despite what the seller says, you do have Buyer's protection.
  10. Amazing!!
    Thank you!

    Days prior to the end of the auction I sent numerous messages through ebay asking if it was guaranteed and other details of the bag and i never received any messages back.

    By the time the auction ended, i would have expected her to answer but still she didnt respond but did send me an invoice.
    So i decided to email her and she claimed she did answer all of them, to check my email that is connected to ebay which is the one i was communicating with her on..
    Back and forth and continued to try and get a hold of the answers, and still kept claiming she did send them.
    Until now, she still has not responded but is very adamant that she did respond, and when i do ask for the answers regardless of whether the auction is over, she still continues ignore answering them..

    What does that even mean!?

    She is by far the HARDEST person to get a hold of as well..

    After days of emailing and finally in an impatient tone i asked her to respond and to give me a tracking # and she did but still, nothing regarding the questions i sent her..

    IRRITATING :rant:

    I after finding this thread, i decided to look up how to file a claim and i guess i accidentally proceeded to file it (?) even though it said it was too early to file it?
    She sent me an email saying how she's been very prompt with sending the bag and there is no need to file a claim and it is completely unncessary, and i assured her that i didnt mean to, but my main issue would be the lack of communication and STILL, she hasnt answered my questions

    im about to pull out my hair
  11. Ooh, red flags....

    Ok, well, do not close that case...was it an Item not received case or SNAD you opened ?

    I believe that if you close it and something does go wrong you won't be able to open another one...I could be wrong...someone please confirm ?

    I still have some hope that it'll turn out ok as she does have good recent feedback, but again, see what arrives !
    Good luck !
  12. What's SNAD?

    does it matter if i open it with paypal or ebay? i think it was opened through paypal.. not sure :/

    im really hoping everything goes well.. which is highly dubious.
  13. i just received the bag..

    it's LIGHT blue and not white as i thought..

    idk i posted pictures in the Authenthicate this Givenchy to see if it's fake or real..

    i'm STRESSINgGGG!!!!

  14. SNAD= Significantly not as described.

    Was it listed as white ? Can you show us the listing ?