Seller risks of ebay?

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  1. If you were selling an expensive bag, would you use eBay or go through a consignor? Upside of eBay is speed and control. Downside of eBay, in my mind, is the risk of someone buying it and then trying to return it and sending back a fake bag or damaging it before sending it back. I understand paypal has some particular seller risks (not to mention, costs) I am familiar with the 2.9% charge but I see that a lot of birkin and kelly sellers insist on wire only or echeck. I have used and it seems to afford good protection for both seller and buyer. Can any of you enlighten me on this? If you are an experienced seller and think its more prudent to PM me, please do. Thanks.
  2. I've sold two H bags via eBay. The first one the buyer met me in person and paid me cash. The second one the buyer paid via Paypal with her credit card. I considered selling through consignment stores before. In fact, I called up Decades, Inc. and they told me that the way it works for them is that I bring the bag, they sell it at a price agreed by both parties (in the case of brand new Kelly, they sell it close to retail; as for bags that are not Birkins or Kellys, they sell for lower; if your bag has even been used once, it's even lower). You get paid when the bag sells and in this case they only give 50% back. Thus, I ended up selling on eBay because I would've recouped more money. I think this is the case with consignment stores, you won't recoup as much money and you still have to wait for the item to sell. The upside is you won't have to worry about being scammed by buyers ...
  3. Another recommendation is selling your bags here, called MP II(Market plaza II). You have to apply to moderator to get an approval.

    I feel very safe selling items here. Everyone has been so wonderful to work with so far!:heart:
  4. I wish they would give you some more guideline about who's eligible to get into the Market place, I've applied so many times, but never heard back from them... I wish I knew why
  5. Me too applied for the marketplace 2x, but no reply.... I'm just very reluctant to sell high ticket items on ebay due to bad experiences...chargebacked by foreign buyers :yucky:, so I want to see how the marketplace here works (so many wonderful TPFers) and it seems like a safer place to trade, sell and buy. I hope I can get in it someday :yes:
  6. have always had positive exp on ebay as seller apart from recent transaction where i sold an auth Gucci bag only for ebay to contact me 3 days after auction close and say that the buyer said "that their ebay acct had been used without their knowledge" and as a result the transaction did not stand. apologies for any inconvenience, blah blah. worse, they had "removed my listing" so if i wanted to relist i had to do so from scratch because they have no mechanism to deal with this, even though i had done nothing wrong. bummer! so sellers beware. maybe this was just a one-off but some people may use this as a scam if they have bought something then changed their minds.
  7. That's why my auctions never accept return. I am sure my items are new and authentic. Why offer return in case buyer change her/his mind???
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