Seller remorse - is there a way that I can receive the bag?

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  1. Wow, I haven't bought stuff on ebay but I found something the other day and actually won an auction - A purse that ended with a good price on Friday night.
    30 Minutes ago, I received an email from the seller that the purse has ripped so she can't sell it. I sent an nice email along with asking for a photo of the rip and maybe it is repairable.
    Seller responded with "huge rips and not fixable".
    Sounds very fishy to me and looks like she is determined to not sell this. I don't want to sound rude to her but I sincerely would like to know why...
    Can ebay force the seller to send the item?
    Should I nego the higher price?
    I was so excited to get the bag and now I'm bummed.
    Did something like this happen to you and how did it resolve??
  2. eBay can't force the seller to sell it.
  3. I hate when that happens.

    Did you pay yet? If not, pay for it (even though you know she doesn't want to sell) because that will allow you to leave feedback.

    If she requests a cancellation, do not accept and if able, respond that you want the item.

    A seller's refusal to show pictures of alleged damage certainly raises red flags as to whether she's telling the truth.

    And if it has "huge rips and not fixable" then they should show in the listing. (Please post a link to the listing.)

    I certainly wouldn't want to negotiate a higher price. You won fair and square and that's the price you should pay.

    Does the feedback indicate any history of doing this in the past?
  4. I paid with a credit card after the sale.
    -----im sorry but the bag accidently ripped. so i wont be able to sell this to you-----
    The above was the first email so rip supposedly happened after the sale.
    ------I m sorry the tear is quite huge. It s unfixable.------
    The above is 2nd email.
    I asked about the photo of the rip nicely but this is all she said.
    At this point, I'm worried she might photoshop and try to add something to the pic or actually damage the bag and send it??? Has anyone have this kind of problem before??

    Hmm, as I was getting the link, I noticed she refunded me the money...

  5. She can issue a refund I think that doesn't mean its an automatic cancellation, is it?
  6. #7 Jun 6, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2016
    I don't know I didn't get any email or noti from ebay about cancellation. I got the refund, does that mean the transaction is cancelled or not?
    In my purchase history, it shows as Unpaid. I don't want ebay thinking I am the one not paying for it... What should I do??

  7. Hrm. I think you're probably just better off accepting the cancellation.
  8. Those who read my posts here know I'm not an advocate of negging sellers unless it's absolutely necessary.

    This seller deserves a neg with a comment along the lines of "low winning bid so claimed damage, refused to sell."


    A buyer can request a cancellation within an hour of payment if the item hasn't been shipped yet. But vishwa19 the seller can't wait 3 days to find "damage" and refuse the buyer's winning bid. (Of course you can't force the seller to sell but you can get her where it hurts.)
  9. I disagree. This type of seller should at least have to pay the FVF and a cancellation would release her from that.
  10. I did buy and sell on ebay since 2002 but I have never left a neg to anyone even if they deserved it. I'm very tempted to leave a neg this time though since she is habitual.
    So do I request a cancellation and if I do it first, will I get any disadvantage point from Ebay?
    I usually use a buying ID on ebay for purchase but since I haven't been using ebay I forgot the password. So I used my seller ID on this purchase and here it goes with a nasty transaction... I think seller can request cancellation if she claims OOS?
    What should I do at this point? My ebay purchase history still shows as Unpaid item. I don't want to be seen as a buyer who didn't pay...

  11. Can you tell me what is a good move for me to "get her where it hurts"?
  12. If you request a cancellation, you can't neg her if she accepts!

    You paid and were refunded so you DON"T want the cancellation.

    And even if she were to sent the "ripped" bag, you'd have a valid SNAD claim because the listing doesn't disclose it.

    Your account won't show as a non-paying bidder because ebay can see that you paid and got refunded.
  13. Thanks for the great points! So what do I do to get her pay FVF or get her where it hurts? Do I wait until she request for cancellation?
  14. You decline any cancellation request; that keeps her from getting a refund on her fees. Leaving a neg, a calm, factual one, will warn others.