seller protection - is changing the address OK?

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  1. i am trying to generate a shipping label off Paypal for an ebay item. It says USPS has a preferred address format which changes the address a bit (adds a "NW" and a one digit difference in zip code). If the buyer confirms this is correct, am I still protected under PP's seller protection? Or do I have to ship it to the address exactly as on the transactions details page? TIA!
  2. USPS automatically changes the label unless you manually override it. Technically I believe this voids the seller protection, but either way it should get to the same place. I've come across different cities and zip codes suggested because of zoning changes, and the buyer wasn't aware of it. It's still the same place, and the USPS would be aware of the change.
  3. I'd like to keep the address as is just to be protected but I can't seem to override the USPS format. Can anyone help?
  4. There should be a place on the USPS format where you can edit the address and change it to exactly what PayPal has provided you. Otherwise, you may have to just hand write out a shipping label.
  5. You are fine making minor changes that the PO needs to make the label. They don't like major chages like a full street change etc.
  6. I go ahead and correct mine to what USPS is asking for, usually the changes are just minor. If it were a major change I'd contact the buyer first.

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    If you want to be super sure how and if you are protected, you need to call PP. It would be tough to be caught on a technicality but I would be afraid if something bad happened, you could be held liable for the discrepancy in the addresses, however small?