Seller has wrong email thur Paypal????

  1. My seller contacted me this morning to cancel my unclaimed payment because their email addy is off by 1 letter. Paypal now has a hold on these funds while they review. Seller gave me new email to submit payment to. This is a seller with over 800 fb.

    I have never encountered this. Is this even legit? Can I override the sellers email addy when paying thru eBay?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. You can cancel your payment and once the cancellation is complete, the seller can send you an invoice for the item. You'll still have the same buyer protections. You can call PP to confirm the seller's story for extra peace of mind, but it should be okay.
  3. Thank you!

    Is the invoice thru paypal?
  4. Give PayPal a call. They are randomly selecting certain transactions to review lately. But obviously you cannot repay it until you have your funds back. It seems Paypal speeds up the release of funds if someone makes a call. But it shouldn't take long. Yes, once your funds are back in your account, the seller can re-invoice you with the correct address. Good luck!