Seller gives buyer instruction on How to scam a seller on ebay, lol


    If eBay cancels this listing, I'm copying some of it here. The guy is selling a laptop, and after the laptop description, he writes:


    PAYPAL: Paypal is currently ebays preferred method of stealing high value electrical items off sellers. There are a number of various ways you can use to steal this laptop using paypal.

    1: A Fake “Item Not Received” (I.N.R) Claim – All you simply have to do here is purchase my item using an unverified paypal account. Then when you receive the laptop, simply claim that you didn’t receive it at your registered (credit card) and paypal will give you all your money back !

    2: A Fake “Item Significantly Not As Described” (S.N.A.D) This is a great way to steal items off sellers. Simply start a dispute after you get the laptop making up some lie about the item being damaged etc – You could use Photoshop to make up fake pictures of damage. Paypal will ask you to send the item back to me, but don’t bother – they never enforce that on buyers and after a short wait you will get all your money back and you will still have the laptop.

    3: A fake “Unauthorised Use” Claim – This is a super way of stealing items on eBay and is widely used. Simply claim that someone hijacked your account (paypal & eBay) and that you didn’t order the laptop. Then in conjunction with a fake I.N.R claim you can simply steal the laptop and of course, get your money back.

    4: A Stolen Credit card – Of course, ebay make no real attempt to vet any of its buyers, so hey, just register a new ebay account using fake ID information and link it to a paypal account set up with a stolen credit card – and hey presto – A free laptop.


    Although officially banned on ebay, fake western union payments are the preferred way for Nigerian Scammers to steal high value electrical items. Simply email me (using pigeon English) telling me that you would like to buy this item using Western Union – Tell me that you would be happy to pay over the odds for the laptop and that it is a present for your mother in law. Then send me a fake western union payment notification and I send you the laptop – Perfect. This method of stealing items off sellers is very widely used on ebay and of course, as ebay do not properly verify buyers its easy to do. Make sure you use Pigeon English as I am really really stupid and it’s bound to fool me.


    If you are a traditionalist like me you may prefer a good old mugging. Simply offer to meet me on some dodgy housing estate somewhere and have a load of you mates hiding behind a hedge with a few iron bars. Again, offer to pay me over the odds as there is nothing better than using a sellers greed to bait them into a scam. I would be grateful if you could avoid killing me as this will cause bad publicity for ebay which would be terrible.


    In the unlikely event that you are actually a genuine buyer then you really should be shopping in a real shop and not this scammers paradise. However this laptop does really exist and is really for sale. You can email me or skype me with suggestions on how we may actually transact this item to both our satisfaction – with both our safety in mind. Don’t even think of buying it using paypal. I’ve only listed it as accepted because ebay run a protection racket that means I have to accept it. If you do pay by paypal I will simply refund your payment and give you a nice new shiny NEG.


    Of course you will no doubt be aware that from May onwards you will be able to blackmail sellers into giving you free P&P / discounts etc. You will be able to give them neg feedback and they will not be able to give you any.. I regret to advise you that because this rule does not come in until May this option of scamming me is not open to you yet.


    I would grateful if some sad failed traffic warden could report this auction for two reasons

    1: Ebay will see this listing and will hopefully close my account, saving me a 180 days wait to do it myself.

    2: You will save me listing fees, making this a free advert.

    Happy Bidding!
  2. :woohoo: Funny!
  3. :roflmfao: What next on ebay? LOL
  4. wow.:smile:
  5. funny! Well, and scary. I joined tpf for the vuitton forums, and to familiarize myself with other brands. I find myself in the ebay forums a lot, as I do not want to be scammed buying lvs (or anything really), and am interested in selling a few misc items I have.

    As a seller, do we have any recourse against paypal? I know the majority of transactions finish smoothly, but what can you do against those scams? ie item not in box. I guess I can bring my items to ups to have them pack it, but it that really worth it if I am selling a $40 sweater?
  6. Clop, you have the buyer's name and address. You can get a police report and pay $10-$30 to draft a small claims lawsuit and the buyer may back down. They usually don't choose to go to court.
  7. oic, thanks cola262!
  8. Cola - Thanks for sharing. Too funny. :lol:
  9. OMG, that is a hysterical, sarcastic letter...It's so true and probably what is to come out of all the new "Improvements" to Ebay!
    It certainly makes you think!
  10. Great! Sounds like someone utterly fed up with eBay
  11. lol!
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: That's almost as funny as the guy who was selling his wife's clothes without her knowing!!
  13. ^i remember that too! this one's hilarious as well!
  14. this is so funny... and best of all (except for the mugging bit) it's all true!
  15. He is right on the money with what he says!