Seller Fees Questions -- First Time Seller!

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  1. Hi, I'm a first time seller on ebay-- and have recently sold 3 of my bags. The seller fees that I have are roughly $70.00. I have combed ebay and the interwebs hoping to find some information about 2 things... and I can't find ANYTHING about either of these questions! First, when are the seller fees due? And, second... what happens if there is not enough in my paypal account to cover ALL of the seller fees? I have about $40.00 in there right now. Will they take the $40.00 from my paypal and charge the rest to my bank account?

    Any help would be totally appreciated!
  2. I have my account set up to automatically bill my credit card (you can set it up if you go to "My eBay" and under the "Account" tab, select "Seller Account". In my experience, they usually bill my card a week or two after I get an e-mail telling me I have fees to pay, but since I have the automatic payments set up I don't know the exact time (sorry!).
  3. yes they automatically charge paypal for me. u can set it up this way.
  4. ^^ If you don't have enough in your paypal account, will they just take what is there and charge the rest to your bank account? I just want to make sure that I don't get any overdraft fees for not transferring enough from savings to checking. Thanks :smile:
  5. Yes, they WILL take it from your bank account. As far as when they take out the fees, they have two different cycles and each seller fits into one. If your invoice for fees was e-mailed to you on the 15th, your fees will officially be due by the 1st. If your invoice was e-mailed to you on the 1st, then your fees will be do on the 15th.

    Make sure that you always have enough in your bank account or balance, because sometimes they DO charge you a couple of days early. Also, you can go to your bank and you may have the option to reject ANY payment if you have insufficient funds. This will mean no more over draft, because you won't even be able to use your card if you have $0 in the account (sorry Paypal!).

    Also, let's say your fees are due the 1st. Technically, they give you one whole month to pay your fees. If you haven't paid by then, then your Ebay account will be suspended until you pay up.

    Hope I helped! :smile:
  6. Best way to do it is to pay as you go. I pay after every sale or so.
  7. I haven't gotten any invoices yet. When should I expect them to come?
  8. October 2nd or so. If you go to the account tab, you can make payments on your balance by clicking One Time Payment.