Seller fallen of the plantet...I WANT MY MONEY!


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Aug 19, 2008
I received a chanel clutch as it wasn't new as stated in the auction and told the seller it wasn't..she said i should send it back and she would refund me...i sent it back the following it took her over a wk to recieve it when it actually got there in 4 working days...

Here is the original thread from the chanel forum

well in the meantime i waited for her to refund me i stupidly didn't report this to a result when i tried to open the dispute my time was up...her refund fell through 1st time i had to then wait 3 days before paypal tried again..i rang paypal they said they would open a manual dispute should i not get the refund by the 17 then twice the refund failed rang paypal to tell them this as a result i'm now told they can't do anything.

The seller has a number of items for sale..she recently tried to refund me using echeque again the payment has failed she's claiming the money is in her account how her bank has charged her twice for the transaction..i'm still without my £300 and i've asked if she can just send me a cheque via post...

I've not heard from her yet...her feedback is 100% positive..all communication has stopped on her side.

I've rang up the CC company they said i've got to fill in a form send it back to them and they will investigate the matter i.e no guarantee that i will get the money back...

I'm now getting really mad with myself for not filing my paypal dispute and feel like a total fool..

what can i do..
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Mar 22, 2006
Devon UK
i think you're doing all you can, you've started proceedings with your CC company, fill out the form and see what happens .
i don't think i'd want a cheque sent, it may bounce and you'll be charged !