Seller doesn't accept paypal, should I be worried?

  1. I won an auction for a bag at $200+ and the seller doesn't take paypal. I honestly never expected for it to reach that high, but seeing as it did, I'm very concerned about sending a check or money order through the mail. What do you recommend? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. I've only bought from eBay and I wouldn't use any other methods of payment except for PP. Not that PP is great with their resolution process (from all the complaints I read here), but at least you have some kind of recourse if anything gets messed up in the process of the eBay transaction. Otherwise, once your check has cleared or the MO/Cashier's Check has been cashed, how can you file a claim if you get scammed?
  3. In my auctions if you dont have a confirmed address I dont accept paypal, this is clearly in my auction so the buyer has the choice- plus I have over 300 positive feedbacks some from people who have paid with alternative methods!
    Personally I only bid on items where paypal is an accepted payment method.

    Did the auction state no paypal before you bid?
  4. This seller has a paypal account, but he/she refuses to accept it for this auction because he's "selling it for his sister and doesn't want to accept the paypal fees". Even though they have 279 positive feedback and 99.6% rating, that one line really concerns me.
  5. It is a bit late to be raising this question if the auction states no paypal. You can ask him to accept it, or you can not pay and take the NPB strike. Or risk losing your money if the seller is not honorable.

    I would not bid on any auction where the seller doesn't take paypal unless I personally knew the seller.

  6. Did the auction state no paypal?
  7. Why don't you ask the seller if you can pay him the Paypal fees which won't be horrendous. That way he'll be satisfied and you will have peace of mind and recourse if there is a problem. Also be sure to use a credit card when paying through Paypal so you can do a chargeback if necessary.
  8. I filter non-Paypal listings from my searches when I'm looking for something. I'd never use anything other than Paypal to pay. I don't understand this guy though, surely Paypal fees on $200 aren't more than a dollar or two. Why not just up the shipping and handling by $2, it never seems to be a problem for anyone else! I'd be wary if I was you, and remember that if he said he accepts Paypal in his listing then he is a non-performing seller rather than you being a non-performing bidder. The strike will be for him if you file a dispute.

  9. ITA with Babyjlo l would offer to pay the Paypal Fees and see what response you have from him.
  10. I only accept payment through either bidpay for cc or money order / personal check for my auctions. I use bidpay so that my buyers still have cc protection and bidpay doesn't seem to have the have the rampant fraud and scams that paypal seems to have. Personally it makes my nervous to pay by mo for a large purchase but I think it is up to how comfortable you feel.
  11. Agreed. I only buy from those who have paypal.
  12. I do not accept paypal for certain buyers either; if not in the US, UK or Canada with a confirmed address and verified paypal account i will not not accept paypal and also on a very expensive item like a $2000 handbag i may not accept paypal from ebayers that do not have an extensive feedback history; My items typically range $200 to $2500. I have an incoming bank wire today from a Canadian buyer who really wants my bag but has zero feedback and an unconfirmed paypal address. I also tried bidpay with them but they had 3 attempts to pay on there rejected. Bidpay, check from Bank of America, bank wire transfer or moneybookers are the only methods I accept for certain buyers. I also am a powerseller with over 1000 feedback and a great history so buyers feel comfortable paying with other methods with me. With all the chargeback stories and scams on paypal and the limited seller protection policy I wouldn't be shocked to find many sellers not accepting paypal for certain transactions and buyers. You may lose out on some buyers but there is always another buyer who will pay with alternative methods. The key is to buy from long term reputable sellers and buyers shouldn't have to worry about losing their money without receipt of the item. If we are talking about sellers with a sketchy history then yes I agree, paypal would be preferred.
  13. I've paid few times by direct wire transfer to seller's bank account. And no problem of receiving the products!!!
  14. That sounds really fishy to me. The Paypal fees for something that is $200 wouldn't be more than a few dollars. It doesn't make any sense. Personally, I wouldn't send an MO.

    Did the auction state that paypal was not accepted? It doesn't seem fair that you could get a NPB strike if the seller said they accepted Paypal but then decided not to for this particular item. Like others said, I wouldn't pay if it wasn't through Paypal (unless it was for something less than $20 or whatever).
  15. The only time I didn't use paypal I lost my money! Ebay could do nothing to get my money back. If I buy on ebay I will only use paypal.