Seller does not want to sell. What do I do?

  1. I won a bag on Sunday through a Best Offer that she accepted and now the seller says that they would rather keep the bag. Is there anything I can do? I don't think I can force her but I feel this is completely unethical! I'm so upset!!! :cry::crybaby:
  2. this is uncalled for. You can't make the seller mail the item, but I would contact eBay and give them a copy of her e-mail stating she rather keep the item. I would leave negative feedback for sure.
  3. Report her as a non-performing seller.
  4. You can't make her indeed...but is unethical.... file a claim with paypal (did you pay her?) and indeed leave negative feedback...
  5. If she didn't want to sell she shouldn't have accepted your offer. Like others have said, you can't make her sell it but still, that's not right.
  6. Let her know you will be reporting her as a non-performing seller and that you will be leaving negative feedback with an explanation of why she wouldn't complete the sale. Hopefully she will change her mind. Sorry this happened to you :tdown: She shouldn't have agreed to selling it to you w/o thinking it over. Good luck!
  7. Thanks everyone!

    I didn't pay yet because we had been negotiating back and forth for a few days and right after I won it, she never responded. She only told me that she didn't want to sell it after I emailed her. She told me she would think about it for a few days and let me know but she probably won't sell it.

    I feel bad because she's been a good seller on eBay and sells a lot of great bags that she personally owns. She emailed me to say that she feels attached to the bag and doesn't want to sell it anymore.

    I told her that I would try to match the offer if there was someone else who made a higher offer and if that is the reason why she is not selling it to me. I don't feel right saying that but I'd just rather get the bag! :rant:

    I know, I'm such a wuss.
  8. That stinks. No, you can't make her sell it but do leave her negative feedback. Other people need to know about her behavior. If someone would have left neg FB about this before, you might not have offered on her bag.
  9. ITA!
  10. leave her a negative feedback...if she had any doubts why did she list it in the first place...
  11. Good gosh, then why did she list the bag in the first place?
    Is it a really limited, hard-to-get bag? Was it a gift to her & has sentimental meaning?
    I don't get it. What does she say is her reason? It better be a really good reason to risk a neg. FB!
  12. Well, at the risk of sounding like a harda**...your bid is a legally binding contract between you and the seller. You are obligated to pay and she is obligated to sell. You can file a complaint through eBay I'm pretty sure, otherwise definitely let her know you intend to put her on notice with negative or neutral feedback...
  13. Please don't let the seller get away with this type of behavior. She should be held to the contract or face the consequences. I also wouldn't offer to pay her more money - she agreed to the price and should honor that offer regardless of the reason. I would hate to see a seller act like a jerk and then get rewarded by receiving more money (that creates some really warped incentives).
  14. I am sorry to hear the seller backed out on the sale. I would report her to ebay and leave negative feedback. She should have not listed the bag if she did not really want to sell it.
  15. Thats so wrong. Good luck in whatever your decision may be.