Seller does not answer question nor sent me an invoice...What should I do?

  1. My bf won a auction today. He know it is my HG. It looks fine in the auction, the thing is the seller has only 1 feedback. and there's no enough pics to judge its authenticity.
    I have request pics for details before the auction ends. The seller did not reply my mail. Since it is close 2K, I dont wanna just send her money before she reply my mail.
    Am I allow to do it? The seller said payment is due 24 hrs. and please give her 2 weeks for shipping.
    I normally paid right after I won the auction. but I just dont know why the payment is due 24 hrs, but she has 2 weeks to ship out the bag.

    I email her to let her know I really like this bag, and I am willing to pay, I just want to know why does it take 2 weeks for ship. can she let me know what date would be available to ship then I will pay it before that. or if she will ship it next week, I will pay today, that's not a problem at all. I just dont wanna drop 2K ahead and wait 2 weeks+. I have also request the pics and total invoice from her. She have not reply, either.

    What should I do?
    Just paid for it and wait until she gets back?
    Wait until she gets back then pay.

    By eBay's rule, does seller really have 2 weeks to ship out a bag?


    This stinks of a scam. Can you post the auction here so I can look at it? Or PM it to me if you don't want everyone to know. I can't authenticate a purse, but I can give you the low-down on the seller.
  3. DON'T PAY YET!! Last time I bought something from a seller who wouldn't answer my questions it turned out that was because it was because the item was improperly described and I lost out on my money.

    As far as I know...
    eBay gives you 7 days to pay for an item no mater what a seller tells you.

    I would rely by eBay and by email. It could just be because they are new to ebay. However! If you pay by paypal and they ship the item over 7 days after payment, they wouldn't be covered under the policy but that doesn't mean you could get your money back for sure.

    I would proceed with caution.

    Please post a follow up after you find out!
  4. OP in future, don't bid if a seller won't answer basic questions like that!! As for this one.......don't pay, it sounds VERY dodgy
  5. If you request pics and they are not sent to you DO NOT BID. I definitely wouldn't pay until the seller contacts you and until you are sure the bag is authentic.
  6. Thank you so much speedy, purse-n-boots, mooks and cindi.

    I have yet receive anything from her. NO REPLY AT ALL.

    that's not something we would normally do, but it is my HG. he tought maybe we can give it a try, maybe the seller is just busy...

    Never thought that it will turn out no reply at all. sigh.

    I will wait for the reply and keep you girls update.

    Thank you so much for your help.
  7. I completely agree with this statement. Sometimes the excitement gets to us and we bid before we have all the facts. Now you are stuck winning an auction that you are uncomfortable with. DO NOT pay until you have all of the answers you are looking for. You might even have to chalk this up to a learning experince if in the end you decide not to pay and the buyer ends up leaving you negative feedback.
  8. Thank you Jenny. I will love to get this if she can actually send me pics and reply mail. as I really really love this, would love this to be my V-day gift from SO.

    However, things just dont happen as I expect. sigh.....

    Now I learned... I hope the seller can email me soon, I am not a NPB...
  9. It's better than you don't get your v-day gift now than for your SO to be out of pocket by $2,000!!!
  10. I looked at the auction for Phoebe, and there are just too many things that don't add up. As I said I can't authenticate a handbag, but a couple of the pictures looked a little off to me from what I've learned here. Stitching around the bottom and sides of the bag for one. Lack of dustbag and cards was another.

    But it states must pay in 24 hours yet she wants two weeks to ship because she's moving. Who puts up a bag worth 2 grand on eBay and then moves while the auction is up? I told Phoebe to check with the authenticate gals to see if it's real, but her auction terms and the two sales she's done are both high end handbags makes me wonder if she was banned from eBay before.

    Wish I could tell you more, but yeah, lots of red flags.
  11. I agree with everyone here. It sounds like a scam. No seller takes 2 weeks to ship, because paypal requires shipment in 7 days.
  12. :tdown:
  13. Your trepidation is understandable, but you really shouldn't have bid if you didn't want to comply with the sellers conditions. It's not like they are springing these things after the auction is closed.

    Shame on you for wasting the sellers time by bidding without intendng to buy.
  14. How about shame on the seller for not answering her questions?
  15. munchkey, how is that helpful? The OP has clearly stated that whilst she understands she should have asked the questions before she won the seller is now not sending her an invoice to pay despite her wanting to