Sell on Ebay...OR...Give it to my stepmom?


    Here's the Drill Down on the bag in question...I picked it up for a STEAL awhile back on eBay. But...the thing is the poor bag has never seen the light of day. I've never used it! I have contemplated reselling it on eBay. But...My stepmom doesn't have any designer bags. And I do tend to brag to her about mine...Maybe I should ask her if she would want it first?

    It's a beautiful glazed water buffalo leather...Mine isn't the black but more of a rust color...But it's small...And though I do have small bags. I tend to think this one just doesn't look right with jeans...And when I do dress up. This isn't the bag that I grab...So...It's not been used by me EVER!

    What would you do?

    Stepmom doesn't really do much with my kids...:sad:...But she is also that way with her own grandkids. (Except for her one daughter's kids) There are 4 of her grandkids she treats as she does my own...She's just...Well...A bit selfish I guess one could say. But...If I gave her a Coach...Maybe it could be a peace offering? And break the water.(She's not "new" to the family. My dad's been with her since I was small...And I'm not 36 yrs. old) She also makes excuses why we can't come out to visit. She's either sick...OR...Her house isn't clean enough...:rolleyes:
  2. It looks like it could be a cute evening bag. I don't know, If you think it will help your relationship then I would give it to her. Is she the type of person who would appreciate such a thing or would she not care ?

  3. Well...She likes NICE things our beautician even says the same thing...Though...I bought her a cashmere sweater for Christmas. And she looked at it but never took it out of the plastic...And I paid $100 for it ON SALE~ But...She also told me she wore a size 8 so I got her a large thinking...The sweaters were made small...And I think she LIED about her size...OR gained weight since I talked to her last. It may have been a little snug...:sad:...But she did wear it to get her hair done. (Knowing I was going to drop in and give her a reciept so my dad could take back his Christmas gift for a smaller one. He wanted a shop vac of all things...And I bought him a contractors one. Thinking stronger suction and bigger holding capacity. He wanted the small cheap one...:rolleyes: He just wasn't raised to spend extra money on something you could get cheaper. And she had the sweater on...With another sweater on OVER it!!!:confused1: They BOTH were button down sweaters...And the one I got looked a bit snug on her...I HAD THE RECIEPT!!!She could have exchanged it for a larger size...:cursing:...Instead I doubt she'll ever wear it again...

    Though she has on occassion...Told me if I ever get tired of one of my Coach bags...She would gladly take it off my hands...
  4. do u think shed be offended by getting a "used" bag?
  5. It's worth a shot...but after the sweater, I'd advise making it your last shot. Either she warms up to your attempts to make peace, or she doesn't.

  6. I honestly don't think so...She LOVES yard sales...And she keeps hinting to me to pass her any of my bags I no longer want...

    Yeah...I think your right...Though...I know that she feels bad that she can't spend what we do on them...On us...:rolleyes: I told her it's the thought that counts a thousand times over. And not the price of it. But...I think that is why she's such a scrooge at Christmas time.

    She different...Had her kids put her grandkids names into a bag...And did a gift exchange one year...And only bought for TWO of her grandkids...We're not talking step grandkids...But HER OWN BLOOD!!! She has 9 grandkids...And one year only bought for two of them...MY DAD WAS FURIOUS ABOUT THAT!!!

    But...When it comes to herself...She likes NICE things...(But don't we all...)
  7. I say offer her the bag. It sounds like she is socially uncomfortable - to say the least! I don't think it will open up a door for you into her little world. But it never hurts to do nice things for other people even when they may not deserve them. Just make sure you know before you do it that it may not change anything between you two.

    I know what you mean about the Christmas thing. My MIL could probably buy and sell my DH and I several times over. For Christmas she gave all the grandkids (about 8 in all ) $10 each. She probably gives $100 a week just to her church. Whatever. She will never change. We just try to love her and appreciate her for who she is, not who we wish she was. She has her good points. Generosity with money just isn't one of them. Good thing that she is really nice about babysitting our 5 year old when we really need it.
  8. Thanks k2sealer! I'll do just that...And offer it to her if she wants it. I know that she'll take good care of it. That is what leads me to offer it to her.

    That's sad about your MIL...To relive Christmas threw the eyes of a child...Is my way of thinking...We buy for all the children in our family...And those of friends as well...And the list goes on. We also buy for ALL the children at my MIL's Christmas party. Since that's the time when the children in our family open gifts from aunts and uncles. And I won't have a child empty handed at that time watching my children open gifts. Even if their NOT related...

    At least you get baby sitting services...My stepmom I won't have her watch my children. I won't have my kids where they're not wanted. When she complained on several occassions to me when she had to watch my brother's daughter...I WROTE IT IN STONE on my brain...For I don't wish my child to be anywhere their not wanted. Thus...I've never asked her to watch my kids! I would rather pay some teenage kid to come "play" with my kids...Than have them feel like their a chore. I was blessed that God chose me to be their mommy...I won't have them ever feel their a pain to ANYONE! (Attitude comes deep within me... from a child growing up with a mother whom should never of had kids and was passed from aunt to grandmother and rarely at home.) I'll never have my child feel they were never wanted.

    Thanks again...I'll offer it to her...I can't see why she wouldn't want it...;)
  9. I would offer her the bag. Even if it does nothing toward making your relationship with her any stronger, it will make you feel good. The fact that you even gave this gesture a thought shows that you are a kind person and want to share. I'll bet she will be shocked at such a generous offer and hopefully she will show her appreciation to you by being a little warmer to you and yours.
  10. I would give it to her!
  11. Thanks everyone for your help making this decission! I called her just a bit ago...Asked her if she would be interested in it...I told her that I just have never used it. And...That it's a pretty bag. And I've stopped and pondered to just put it back in my closet due to my liking it...BUT...It does deserve to be used. And if she would be interested in it. SHE WAS SO EXCITED!!! She said...She does yard sales...So my giving her the bad does NOT offend her in the least. And is basically doing a little booty dance of her own...That she's going to own a Coach handbag...

    So even if it doesn't make our relationship stronger...I felt I did a good thing. I also told her I contemplated selling it on Ebay. But...Then worry that the person won't take care of it. And I know she'll take real good care of it.

    I am almost tempted to drive out to her house now...And give it to her. So I don't stow it in the closet feeling I can't live without it. Due to my NEVER using it that seems so childish~ Just because it adds to the number of Coach I own should NOT be the reason to keep it. So...It's hers...She accepted it...And I sit and look at me Legacy Tote and think. I will get so much more use out of it than the little log roll... (It so looks like her style though...Like it was made for her. I think she'll LOVE that little Log Roll handbag) And doesn't it deserve to be loved...:yes:
  12. well good job! i hope that she can love it and appreciate that you thought of her and wanted her to be happy.
  13. I'm proud of you! Good Karma!!!:yes:
  14. Beautiful!!! I would much rather see someone enjoying my bags than selling them. (unless I really need the money) I'm glad she's excited!
  15. Love this post! My MIL was a real poop at Christmas. She was mad over a stupid family thing this summer. She got me a Cabela's gift card. Now we live in the somewhat shopping deprived northwest, but let's see there is Nordstrom, Macy's, TJ Maxx, and every imaginable gift card at your local Safeway!

    DH & I are still cracking up over it. Her birthday is in February - I'm trying to be the bigger person....

    I hope your MIL appreciates your kind gesture.