Sell Monogram Favourite MM for Twinset "Pochette" in Empriente Noir??


Jun 25, 2009
Hi Everyone!!!

It has been so so sooooooo long since I have posted, just staying quiet lurking behind the scenes drooling at everyone's goodies... :biggrin:

I need everyone's opinion!! I do not own anything in Empriente Leather and I am dying to get something. Was going to just pick up the Cles but for the price, I might as well get the Twinset which will probably be used more.

I JUST purchased a Delightful PM in Damier which I am adoring for the Fall/Winter months. As this Empriente bug has not left my system... in order to justify the purchase, I am thinking about parting ways with my Favourite. Good or bad idea?
I do love it and use it more so in the summer, but theres something about the Empriente...

Current Purse Collection:
LV Speedy 30 DE - going on 9 years strong! My First LVOE
LV Delightful PM DE
LV Favourite MM Monogram
LV Alma BB Vernis - Rose Indien
Balenciaga Classic City Black
Chanel Half Moon WOC Black
And a TON of LV SLG's...

HELP??? I know I know... I like BLACK classic bags... I am waiting to also add a Chanel CF eventually too... not sure when...

and how NAUGHTY am I to even be thinking or debating about this... I AM GETTING MARRIED NEXT YEAR :nuts::bagslap:


Mar 22, 2010
Bad idea! I personally love my favorite (I have 2). You can dress it up or down, so versatile. Looking at your collection this seems to be the only mono so another reason you should keep it. However if you don't use the Favorite, you might as well repkace it with another bag that you will use more. I wasn't much help, but good luck deciding.