Self Made ?

  1. To whom do you attribute your success (or failure) in life?
  2. Hmmm.. Myself and my husband because we took the initiative to start a business and stuck with it in the ups and waaaay downs. Now it's ALL GOOD. :0)
  3. Failure to myself and success to my BF.
  4. To myself. I take responsibility for everything, good or bad. Although my mom has had a helping hand in alot of good things.
  5. to myself, i wouldn't blame anyone for my failure.
    and for success, to my parents & my bf. we took a big decision to not working in a company & build our own works about 4 yrs ago. it's still up & down but we're definetly happy
  6. Myself, and possibly some luck/karma too. :yes:
  7. I believe that their are no victims in this world. So therefore I attribute everything to myself when things go bad. Of course my husband is one of the best things that has happened in my life and much of the person I am today is because of his helping hand.
  8. Exactly the same thing with me and my husband
  9. Myself. I am responsible for my own decisions and the results that come from them. Nobody else...
  10. For better or worse: me, myself and I.:angel:
  11. I take full responsibility for my actions.. whether they are considered as failures or successes.. i believe that although others may influence me, the final decision is still mine to make..
  12. Me, too!
  13. I thank my parents for instilling a good work ethic, honesty and responsibility. But I am responsible for whatever god has given me and what I choose to do with my life. My actions are my own.
  14. I take full responsibility for my failures.And to my success...I owe my parents so much!
  15. Me myself and I.

    But with a lot of financial help and love from my parents.
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