Self-employed, work at home? Anyone here do this?

  1. What is it like? Is it hard-- as you're self-employed do you worry a lot about not having work coming in?

    I just got out of school and have been an illustrator my whole life... but worried about working for myself (even though upon experience I could get into other jobs down the line even if temporary) so I focused more on graphic design. But I really want to be an illustrator.

    I understand it may be hard for most people to get up and focus but now I'm not so worried as I have so much free time and I'd love to just draw and illustrate for magazines and all kinds of things. It's what I really want to do. I'm also intimidated as to how long it could take for it to work out.

    Can anyone share their story of how they became successfully self-employed? I hope it still relates to what I'm trying to do... anything would be helpful, really. Just looking for some insight.

    Thank you!
  2. I am. We are in real estate. I stopped working in IT a few years back to help DH with our business. It started out part time for him and we were making good money. When his company downsized he opted not to take the other job and do this full time. I think the key word is commitment. If you can set certain goals and commit to working your hardest to see them happen you should be fine. Also have realistic expectations. Stability when you self employed typically doesn't happen over night.