Seen RM on sale? Post here!

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  1. Since the sale thread got locked, I thought I'd start another one. Please, only GENUINE sale sightings. No self-promotion! :tup:
  2. Great idea!!!!

    Wine Matinee anyone?????!!
  3. What happened to the sale thread? Was it closed for good, why?
  4. has a 15% coupon "JT" and they have a pretty good choice of RM MA and MAM in evergreen, navy blue(studs), yellow (studs)

    comes off to around $460 and free shipping
  5. has the MA and MAM in cream, 25% off with code apologies or sorry25

    (i read somewhere that a pfer tried this code and got canceled, not sure whether it was for RM or another brand, its worth a try though)
  6. Is it true that gives 30% off for first time customers??
  7. Yes.
  8. Wow! Great deal!!:yahoo:

    Do we need to enter a special code to enjoy this 30% or it it granted automatically to first timers?
  9. Lunaboston has the 20% discount code with "grechen" on pre-orders, too.
  10. closed again. I think we need a break adn I closed it for a very good reason. It doesn't do us much good if I close it and you re-open it now does it?
    3 people were respectful enough to PM me and ask and I asked them to wait.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.