Seek an Emerald Blake Bag

  1. Anyone seen an emerald (kelly green) blake or venetia bag? Missed out on one on eBay, and am am just dying for one!
  2. I saw that one on eBay. The stores had it (like bloomies) on sale in the spring '07. I got one but haven't cut the tags off yet - too scared (again, don't throw throw tomatoes at me please LOL)....I'm saving it for a "rainy day".
  3. :crybaby:Lucky you! I am envious. Enjoy...I will keep looking.
  4. I thought so, but I wasn't sure if the photo was just a very poor quality. Sometimes these colors look so different when they are posted on E-bay. It helps when a seller is very familiar with the colors.
  5. Here's another on Ebay. You want to ask for pictures of zipperheads, name plate, etc. And then proceed to make an irresistible offer to the seller! :p
  6. Thanks, weN84. I checked the authenticity here, and then made an offer....%400.00. Not only did I not recieve a reply, but they raised the price!! (Was 785.00, I believe) What a bummer, huh?
  7. Awww.. that SUCKS! Sorry to hear about that. Will be on the lookout for you. :smile: