See What've Got! UPS dropped something yesterday! I also rec'd 4 other gd stuffs too!

  1. I'm extremely thrilled over it when i rec'd this from the UPS delivery man yesterday.

    She's gorgeous and I love it. The leather is TDF. It wasn't easy for me to find her as i was hunting high
    and low for my 07 cafe work....I thought i will not be able to find her until i
    checked with my SA from NM and she said there is one but it's in bad shape.

    After seeing the pics that she emailed me, I told her i'm fine with the condition and would love to buy it.
    She said she can give some discount.

    Luckily i didn't get it from NM until my SA, Daisy from Bal NY replied my email and
    guess wat she said, YES, I HAVE ONE NEW 07 CAFE WORK for you.....Oh mine...:yahoo::yahoo:

    Not only that, i also rec'd two work bags, one is 06 Grenat Work from AFF (thanks to Ann) and
    one from 06 Truffle Work from RDC (thanks to Corey). A BIG THANKS TO THEM!

    Besides that, another drop dead gorgeous bag that i have is the 06 Black Oval Clutch which i've been
    searching quite awhile and my SA from NM has one for me and i rec'd it last wk...Am i being lucky?

    Also many thanks to another pfer! I've found my HG,
    that is 04 Black Flat Clutch:heart:

    Here they are:




    KIF_1671.1.JPG KIF_1672.1.JPG KIF_1673.1.JPG KIF_1674.1.JPG KIF_1678.1.JPG
  2. More pics :
    04 Black Flat Clutch

    07 Cafe Work

    04 Black Flat Clutch & 06 Black Oval Clutch

    06 Black Oval Clutch

    06 Grenat Work
    KIF_1650.1.JPG KIF_1703.1.JPG KIF_1649.1.JPG KIF_1651.1.JPG KIF_1659.1.JPG
  3. Celia! Oh my! :nuts: I love love love them all!

    :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I competely adore your new black clutches...


    They all have great leather! And I'm very glad that Daisy was able to get a Cafe Work for you.
    And you know the WORK is my favorite size. Grrr! Another Grenat Work...makes me wanna get one.
  4. More pics :

    06 Truffle Work

    3 Work bags


    KIF_1679.1.JPG KIF_1665.1.JPG KIF_1698.1.JPG KIF_1691.1.JPG
  5. OMG! Celia_Hish! Your bags are SO gorgeous, congratulations! I especially love the oval and the grenat work, beautiful leather! You are certainly the lucky girl!
  6. Your bags are all so gorgeous!!:tup: They look so good for everyday use too!
  7. These are all so wonderfully delish!!! Congrats!!
  8. hehehe...thanks ICB! Yah, Daisy was really nice and never expect that i can still find a cafe work....:yahoo::yahoo:
    Seriously, u shld get the grenat work, she's gorgeous and i'm sure u will like it....the leather is so smooshy

    You won't be wrong with this color, trust me:tup:
  9. Thanks Couturefemme! Grenat is a great color...i'm so happy to have her. Oval clutch is my another fav accessory, that's why i sold my INK oval clutch and wanted a black oval clutch, luckily that i have it:yes:
  10. Thanks to you, SunnyFreckles!:heart:
  11. these are my two favorites - i love your clutches!!! the flat clutch especially is such a fun style, congrats :p
  12. OMG I am drooling over here! Ahh I want a truffle bag now!!! Wow, amazing pieces! Your oval clutch is gorgeous! Congrats on all of them!
  13. Thanks Nicole! I've been so obessed with Bal clutches...i'm so glad to have them:heart:
  14. [​IMG]

    Thanks Luva Pug!This pic is the most accurate color as compared to the rest of the pics. It's not easy to capture the best out of it. If you are lookin for a brown bag, truffle is the one....;)
  15. oh my goodness your new bags are GORGEOUS!!!