See by Chloe size guide

  1. Can anyone who has purchased clothes from the see by chloe line please tell me if the sizes run small or large to size? I am in between a UK size 10-12 and have just ordered a blouse from NAP in a size medium. I am now panicking that it may be slightly too big.

    Any advice on this would be great!
  2. For tops, they are true to size and sometimes smaller. :smile:
  3. see ive just bought a see by chloe vest top this afternoon and i think they run true to size/large. i had a top with the diamantes on and i got a large in it which was a uk 16 and its huge over my belly but fits my bust and today in the vest top i bought a large too but it fits better. a med will probably be fine tbh with you.
  4. I am the same size as you Chloe Starlet (my boobs definitely need the medium in see by Chloe and I am a 34c.
    I think you have definitely ordered the right size :smile:

    I have been busy looking at the NAP sale, and purchased a few things too :smile:
  5. Thanks girls! I called NAP today and the lovely SA actually tried it on for me and says it is a true 12. At the moment I am getting rid of some excess weight gain and so when I get back to my target weight and boob size (34C) I need to know it will fit and not be too big.
    I am now eyeing up a gorgeous Matthew williamson jacket in the sale.
    Here is the top and the jacket:


  6. i LOVE that jacket!!:heart:
  7. love that TOP!
  8. yep, loving the top. It was great of them to try it on for you! Great service :biggrin:
  9. nice top and jacket, i've only got a belt in see by chloe
  10. wat is the NAP sale
  11. i love the jacket. see by chloe sizes generally run true but be careful if you buy the cheaper tshirts. the cotton is very thin and gets thinner and twisted when you wash it.