Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!


Jun 4, 2011
East Coast
I finally get to join the thrifted Hermes club!!! I’d like to get it framed at some point.

$5.50 Hermes Scarf, kindly authenticated by the Hermes forum!
This is so lovely, congratulations. When I found my first Hermes scarf I couldn’t believe my eyes. And it felt so good to be part of that lucky club.
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Apr 10, 2011
Hi Raven. Hope you are staying safe and warm. Xo
And on a different note: that bag is amazing. I remember when you found it and I hope you wear it proudly.
Magda, it was shaky here in Houston for a moment, but I am ok. Believe it or not, I have never carried her. I just love looking at her. After the pandemic, I will wear her to somewhere special.
May 19, 2020
San Diego
It's so lovely! We always adore seeing vintage Chanel come across this sub. Would love to hear more. Is there a story?
I look at resell sites for Chanel purse I like that I can afford. A lot of times, it’s hard because I don’t like the color or they have really bad staining. So once I finally found this bag, I loved that I was black and that she still had a really timeless look as well. So I had to get it.