Second VCA Piece - Thoughts?

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  1. Hi all,

    I currently own a small size perlee ring, and am ready to buy my next VCA piece...specifically a necklace.

    Am considering the following, but am also open to ideas:
    - YG Onyx Magic Pendant
    - YG Onyx Vintage Pendant
    - PG Sweet Clover Pendant

    I also would invest in a 10-motif necklace but am concerned I would not be able to wear it every day, and that it would be too flashy for my work environment (I'm in tech).

    In terms of what I wear on a daily basis, I usually have on diamond studs, YG plain love, YG 4 diamond love, diamond eternity band, SS tank solo watch, and WG solitaire pendant necklace.

    Thoughts/photos are welcome and appreciated!
  2. The vintage sized onyx pendant would be perfect.
  3. I second TGG's suggestion.

    At the same time, do u want to wait for the holiday pendant to be out before u make a choice? There's been talk it could be onyx in rg.
  4. This is an excellent piece of advice!
  5. Thanks ladies! That's excellent advice.

    I really go back and forth on the PG in general as it doesn't look great on me and I also don't currently wear any PG today. But, I cannot wait to see what the holiday pendant looks like!

    For anyone that has the single onyx pendant - do you find yourself wearing that more often than other pieces (say, a 10 motif)?
  6. I wear my 10 motif turquoise nearly It matches almost nothing in my wardrobe but still looks great nonetheless and I don't think it's too flashy (I also work in a very conservative field). It makes me super happy and always lifts my spirits. So I say go for it and wear it lovingly and often if you like it!!!
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  7. I have the single onyx Alhambra pendant and I love it, but honestly I would much prefer the 10-motif! I don't think it would be too dressy at all! I would definitely consider the 10-motif in onyx among the others (if it fits your budget) as I think that necklace is beautiful and so versatile! :smile:

  8. I have the long magic onyx pendant in yellow gold and I absolutely love it! It's my first piece of VCA and it's very versatile; I wear it constantly because it looks great with casual as well as dressy outfits. In fact, I love it so much that I am considering buying the long magic pendant in onyx/white gold, too. I highly recommend it!

    For me personally, I wouldn't wear the ten motif very often, which is why I am so enthusiastic about the magic pendant. I dress in an understated, streamlined way and the single motif just looks effortless. The ten or twenty motifs are absolutely gorgeous but not my personal style, which is what really matters when making your decision.

    Good luck, they are all beautiful!
  9. I highly recommend the 10 motif pendant in any gold color or style. I live in the South so I wear tops that it works so well with. Mine is Vintage MOP in YG. I wear it with a pair of diamond & pearl earrings that I received for my 15th wedding anniversary. I find that pearls are coming back in popularity these days. I'm so glad because those earrings gathered dust for while!
    I also have a Single Sweet in Pink Gold & a 20 Motif of the same. I find that I wear the 20 more than the Single. Not really sure why. A lot of times I just wear them together too.
    Good luck deciding. Can't wait to see what you get! :smile: