Second to Hermes

  1. Just wondering...

    I trust we all feel Hermes makes the best handbags, BUT if Hermes did not exist...what would you say would be the best bag?

    So, in your opinion, what is the second best bag around now?
  2. Probably BV.:yes:
  3. Bottega Veneta. I use them religiously next to Hermes :heart:
  4. Yes, beautiful bags. I love the classic woven hobo in black - like butter. But all my purse bucks are going to the house of orange for a long while!
  5. Now you are in my territory:graucho:

    My all time favorites all depend on what you need/want though:

    Balenciaga and Chloe are very high on my list (because I am just bored of LV and Chanel right now) and these bags are so fabulous IMO! Also love the YSL Muse, Gucci and MJ.
    I know, I know, I am a total bag ho! Just can't pick one!:love:
  6. For me it would be LV. My Alma has taken so much abuse over the years and is still in wonderful condition.
  7. great call, kou. another bottega veneta vote. my wallet is from them. definitely fantastic. and a former creative director from hermes is working for them now in a similar capacity i believe.

    and great thread, kellybag!
  8. Bottega Veneta absolutely although i LOVE my Grey Chanel re-issue with silver h/w. But....all my $$$$ are earmarked for Hermes for a while....
  9. My vote would be for the Marc Jacobs Collection. Beautiful leather, solid hardware and great designs. :yes:
  10. Chanel for me ;)
  11. Chanel, although their leathers can't hold a candle to those of Hermes!
  12. I love Chanel and my Chloe Paddington. I don't really like much of LV, but I loved that Trompe L'Oeil collection from 2004.
  13. i follow the ladies all the way to veneta then chanel and vuitton
  14. Vuitton, Chanel and MJ for me.
  15. Bottega Veneta. The leather is so gorgeous and the workmanship is second to Hermes. After that, I don't think there so many leather "status" brands like Hermes.