Second guessing myself on 2 bags

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  1. #1 Oct 2, 2012
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    I have a large Stan black 2012 with nickle hardware bought about a month ago from Nordies. My SA said see if it works for you if not return it. My DH for our anniversary got me a LV large black mahina. I am a casual person jeans boots or skirts sweaters. I love it but the few times that I have worn it I feel overdressed where the mahina seems more versatile. I hate to let it go but don't want it to sit in the closet either need advice please
    image-2975302220.jpg image-3955854286.jpg
  2. Hands down, I would keep the Mahina! I am generally a casual dresser as well. Last year, I had a black quilted bag (Kate Spade) and sold it because it felt way too dressy with my casual wear. The Mahina has a casual vibe to gorgeous!
  3. Your question is about whether or not to keep the Stam, is that right? It certainly isn't too dressy for your kind of outfits. The question would be if you need or want two nice black leather bags. I think it's fine, and many people have multiples of black bags. but it's what you prefer. Would you be happier with just the Mahina? The Mahina is a fabulous bag of course, a dream bag for many.:smile:
  4. lv
  5. Yes I just don't want bags that are sitting looking pretty and not being used especially at that price
  6. The Mahina-isn't it much lighter than the Stam? It's a much more flexible style too, imo.
  7. I would definitely keep the LV. Beautiful bag!
  8. Regarding the vibe you're going for...I think that both bags can be worn in a casual way. I own a L Mahina and it definitely has a more casual feel and doesn't look right with dressier outfits. I never use it if I'm wearing a dress or a skirt. But in my opinion, the Stam can do double duty because it looks great dressed up or down. I would have no problem carrying the Stam while wearing jeans and a t-shirt. So, in my opinion, you may get more "bang for your buck" with the Stam.

    One more thing to consider...after trying them both out, do you find one to be more comfortable or convenient to use than the other?
  9. I love the stam :smile:
  10. I find the LV to be more comfy as far as not afraid to throw it around with the stam I feel like I have to baby the bag. I love both 😁😁😁😁😁
  11. usually I prefer MJ over LV but in this case, I prefer the LV
  12. Mahina!
  13. Mahina
  14. As I understand it, the LV was a gift from her husband and is not under consideration to be returned. I think the question is whether or not to return the Stam that she purchased for herself prior to receiving the LV.

    Since you admit to carrying the Stam a few times and there is nothing wrong with the bag, I would have to say that you should NOT be returning it
  15. Wait, the Stam is the one that was used? Then in that case...better keep the Stam and enjoy it! Or keep both?