Second Chance Offer! Need help fast!!

  1. The seller of the brown/beige pochette contact me because her highest bidder did not pay. She said that I can have it for $575. Should I go for it?? She is an ALVA member & the it looks really authentic so I am not worried about that. I have never seen this color scheme in person, is it a good one IRL? Worth the money? Please help! She said if I do not contact her with an answer she will go to the next bidder!!
  2. Which color?
  3. Brown pochette with beige CCs
  4. I have never seen or heard of that color combo, but other members say they have seen it in the boutiques. If you like it go for it! I personally do not care for it, but it would def. be a unique piece if it was a limited edition.
  5. It sounds like a steal! go for it!!
  6. can you post some pics?
  7. I was looking for Choc brown in Cambon line..VERY HARD TO FIND! if you get it and dont love it ..LET ME KNOW! I LOVE that combo!!! GOOD LUCK! I would go for it if its a good seller.
  8. The bag combo is def unusual brown,beige and black. If you like it you should go for it.
  9. No expert, but it looks exactly like mines! (except the color) :smile: With shipping, it's $605. You'll save about $250 from a new one from the boutique with tax. Looks like a steal :smile: I'd go for it if this is the color combo for you!
  10. I think the handles is actually dark brown. Am I wrong? Does anyone know?
  11. I am no great Chanel lover-but I think the beige/brown combo looks great-sounds like she is offering you a good deal too-remember to post pics of you carrying it!
  12. Yassan....I just saw the brown in the SF Neimans Chanel boutique and it's very pretty. It's a good price and the bag can be worn with just about pics if you do get it!
  13. GET IT!!! THE BAG IS TD4!!!:love:
  14. I'm NOT a fan of the Cambon line. But that color combo with the orange lining is great--I saw go for it, especially if you can afford it!