Seattle Outlet: Not Taking Print Placement Requests

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  1. I called today to ask for a certain character and was told they won't be looking for placements we want anymore:sad: How sad!
  2. yah it was posted in a couple threads that the seattle outlet had a bad experience with a customer who was TOO picky with placement .. yadda yadda ... they don't wanna help with placement anymore ... :s
  3. iono... i think they're going to lose a lot of sales because of that unless the other outlets run out of a certain style since most people won't buy blind
  4. Eh...they dont ship to Hawaii anyway.

  5. Oh..I am sorry:sad: I didn't see that post. made me sad! So are there only 3 outlets in the US besides Hawaii?
  6. It does suck that that one person gave them such a hard time that they don't want to do it anymore. I bet if alot of people boycotted..they'd consider changing their print placement new policy.
  7. tvstar ... hopefully they think about it long and hard and realize that not helping with placement is a bad thing for them. It's also possible that with some time ... they'll cool off or whatever and start helping again. We can only hope :yes:
  8. I know..they were nice about it over the phone but I can't buy adios star without knowing who is on it. I hate the baby!
  9. yupp we can just wait and see... I don't buy my bags blind (unless it's like a camo or something I can't find anywhere else :lol:) so they won't be getting my business anytime soon
  10. lol all this talk about people not liking the sumo baby ...i can't remember if i have that character on my bag :lol:
  11. I am also upset about this. I am going to be getting my bv from SH. I think its quite silly that we order from there and they have to be that way. I understand that one person ruined it for everyone. But when I am spending over $100 dollars for a bag I think I deserve to know what is on it.
  12. My opinion exactly.

    I am so frustrated with Seattle anyway after them "losing" my order for a week (and not even realizing their error until I happened to call to find out when it was shipped) and then when they finally shipped it yesterday, they provided me the wrong tracking number which I had to email them back to find out the actual correct one.:hysteric:

    I will only be using SH now going forward IF I buy anything else from the outlet in the future.
  13. Wow, sounds like they'll be losing some business.
  14. That really sucks. I mean, they changed their policy just because of ONE bad experience?? Seems like they're just running away from any future problems. OF COURSE there's always going to be some idiot customer but if you're working in retail, you just gotta deal with it. Isn't it their job to help their customers as much as they can? I am soooo grateful right now that Lindsey and Casey (and other SAs) are so wonderful to us when we order! They deserve a raise :graucho: hehe
  15. petition!!