seasons/colors??--need guidance, please!

  1. ok..little background...I've ALWAYS just bought one good brownish Coach bag and wore it everyday ALL YEAR. Since joining this forum, I now own 4 new bags (woo hoo!) of different colors and I'm not sure about "the rules". When I lived in the midwest it was the golden rule to put away your white and summer bags after Labor Day or shortly after. Now that I live in Arizona, does that rule still apply? Arizona's seasons are more like summer, spring and then more summer. I'm still wearing shorts, sandals and sunscreen through Novemeber so it just seems odd to put away my white bag and grab the winter suede?? so confused! I recently bought a white pebbled leather hobo with a mahogany brown shoulder strap from an outlet. (love her) Can I wear it into the Fall until our weather breaks? What do the rest of you warm climate girls do? Also, Is Clay and Citron Fall/Winter colors only? I would think they could be year-round depending on your outfit but then again I'm obviously confused and in need of guidance!:rolleyes: oh, what about Gardenia? Is that an off-white or cream? If so, is it Fall/ Winter white only? Do you see my utter confusion here? LOL

  2. Welcome to the west! ;) I know that here in southern California, the weather hardly ever breaks enough to put all the fun colors away. I think you could wear your white pebbled leather hobo (sounds fab, BTW) at any time during the year in Arizona. I also think Clay and Citron (though coming out in the fall on the COACH site) can be worn at anytime in the year. Gardenia is a gorgeous color, IMO, and I think is a nice alternative to pure white.

    I think wearing all these bags according to what you wear for the day (and what you'll be doing) rather than what season it is is perfectly fine, especially for where you live. This might not be practical for other states where the weather changes are more noticeable and drastic.
  3. I think it depends on the person and that weather.. I live in desert too and here everyone does everything! lol I see black leather bags in 115 degrees ane all that... no biggie. I would definately wear the white bag throughout the year especially in AZ. I have also heard the whole labor day rules are out the window and they are calling it winter white.. so, wear what you want and what makes you feel good! :tup:
  4. oh, pfft to those "rules". i use whatever bag i want whenever i want and you should too!
  5. I agree with hrimaliv! I have a few fun summer bags that I break out in the middle of winter to wake me up a bit! I say use what you like!
  6. thank you!!! I have to laugh fieldsinspring, when you said you see black leather in 115 degrees it reminded me of what people wear when we have our first chilling 60 or 50 something degree day in the winter. You will see people walking around from shorts and flip flops (still) to others wearing winter coats and mittens. TOO FUNNY! I guess anything goes! THanks again ladies...I feel better now. I was sad thinking about putting some of my girls away till Spring!
  8. i think as long as the bag tones in w ur clothes u r good. (ie here in Canada i would nto wear a scribble tote w my heavy winter coat, would look silly) but i think in the south u can get away w almost anything!
  9. Yeah I never paid attention to colors/seasons. If it looks good with my outfit, that's all that matters. Wear what you love!

    WOO!! 1,000th post!
  10. I live in the Caribbean and we have no season changes, at least not as obvious as in the States. We wear every color year round.
  11. lol same here!! :yes: I live in the desert here, VERY similar to Phoenix... so I see that all the time too!!! :p
  12. I think Katshow is right on the mark...if you have one of your girls talkin' louder to you on day than the other then by all means carry her w/ you!!!
  13. One winter day I wore a white sweater with white jeans tucked into chocolate brown sheepskin boots, carried my brown and lavendar Ocelot bag and I received so many compliments . . . "how refreshing to see white in winter" make it work for you!
  14. Actually you could! If you had a beautiful turquoise, or orange or green winter quote, scribble would look great (if it's the PVC Scribble, it looks like a "raintote!" :idea:i.e., rainboots.
  15. I agree with what everyone else has said. :smile: I know I gravitate toward Coach's fall bags because I love the rich colors and the luscious leathers. But that's just a personal preference. I wouldn't wear one of the fur trimmed bags in the summer (not that I have one), but that's just me. Whatever you love goes.

    I've been wearing my Clay Gigi ever since I got her, so I think it's fine for summer. It's a great color. :smile: