Searching for Chanel Pill.... earrings that is!

  1. I'm searching for the Chanel "pill" earrings...
    They have the red cc's... and black and white drop "pill" dangles.

    Saw some on e-bay... but the price$$$... WHEW.. WAY above retail!

    If anyone knows of any out there....or someone that could "hunt them down" for me... I'd SOO appreciate it!!

    reason: My DH is in the medical professon... however, we are currently experiencing some
    very serious medical "challenges"! I'm on a serious purse ban as a result...
    however, TPF and and Chanel have been "MY BEST MEDICINE" for keeping
    my spirits up!!:smile:so... thought these would be a fun thing to help get me thru the
    tough times!.....
  2. Try calling the 1-800 number and see if they can locate it for you. I purchased pieces from this "Dr. CC" line, and they were difficult to find in the US. I called them and they located items for me from the Hawaii and Las Vegas boutiques.