Searching bbags in London

  1. Just a quick hello from London. I left my fiance at home and travelled over to London to see my friends :wlae:

    Just waiting for some peeps to get off work so we can grab a few drinks and oogle the ladies here ;) But I did stop by Harrods and Harvey Nichols today to seach out bbags. Nothing jumped out, but I decided that the first is really kinda cute. So I'm planning a black first as the next pressie. I did however pick one small Balenciaga item up here and will post it later when I get back.

    Happy New Year all.


  2. Hey Jim good to see you are in the sunny old UK!!! lol I must admit im not taken by the bbag stock in the UK so i tend to not even bother. It drives me mad ringing round for nothing! lol let us see what you got.....
  3. Hi Jim - Hope you are having fun? A black First would make my heart sing as a gift. Fascinated wondering what the small gift you have bought this time is. You are clearly a star partner!
  4. I :love: First!!! For Jim :dothewave:
  5. Welcome back to London! At least the weather was nice for you today! A black First would be a great gift! Your misses is so lucky to have you!
  6. what a lucky girl ytour fiancee is!!! i'm sure she'll love the black first :smile:
  7. Cheers PinkChristie22, Jenova, Antubella, BadgerGril32 and e pinpin :smile::smile:

    Pink/Badger/Jenova the weather was quite mild that day, and I had a couple of brilliant days catching up with my friends and having an all around great time! I really enjoy my trips back still. Even with the awful exchange rate I still had plenty of fun :okay:

    e_pinpin/antubella, I was surprised how cute the first looked. I definitely think she will love it. Now I need to track down a nice "smoochie' black one, which I think should be fairly easy...

    Cheers all,

  8. What a perfect husband to be! send my love to London, left there for the love of a good man and now i'm in a handbag desert of Idaho!!