SEAFOAM Twiggy on eBay!!!

  1. i love that color.. so pleasing to the eye
  2. Aww, someone get this one!!
  3. don't worry.. someone will:lol:
  4. It's not beat up, but certainly has some wear to it..
  5. This bag is so gorgeous, someone needs to buy it! It's in pretty nice condition too. ;)

    Percephonie, where are you?!?!? This could be YOURS!
  6. Get on it girls!
    I:heart: Seafoam, but ahh, I want a city!!;)
  7. OK, who bid????
  8. :shame: I will fess up. I do not expect to win it though although I would love to own this bag.
  9. I would like to bid on this one but do you think it is in pretty good condition for a older purse? Do you think it is a good buy (price wise)?
  10. ^ I definitely do.
  11. I love the seafoam. I know she said that she couldn't take pics in natural lighting. Do you think the color of the bag is closer to the third pic or the other pics?
  12. Yep, and yep. :yes:
  13. Wow seafoam madness! I think this a good deal for this bag. Good luck everyone!
  14. I would say the seafoam color is closest to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th photo's (on my monitor) - it could vary depending on the monitor though.