Seafoam first $599 SB from guess who?

  1. Thanks a lot Louise. :P It is beautiful. :love:
  2. awww... that's so pretty... love the color :love:
  3. amazing! great price too.
    you won't need any luck on this sale, mimz!
  4. Wow Mimz it's TDF!!! Great price and good luck!!
  5. Yay, what a beauty!! :nuts: One of my dreambags :love: Good luck with the sale Mimz!!! :smile:
  6. wow its soo beautiful!! gorgeaus color, ill be keeping an eye on this one!
  7. Good luck Mimz!! Lovely bag and price !:yes:
  8. 0o0o0 Mimi - good luck!!! I wish i could give this jem a home!!!
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