seafoam classique from lvlady 1499 OBO

  1. Wow, and it's in decent shape. Somebody could scoop up a good buy here, it is so sweet.
  2. Nobody wants this? I thought it would sell in 2 seconds! LOL

  3. Me too. I wonder if it is because of the time of year. Everyone is busying shopping for everyone else.
  4. ITA:yes:

    I thought this would be gone in a heartbeat. It's in pretty good condition. I've bought LV from her before. She's a good seller. Wonder what the problem is?
  5. gosh, this lady had learn b bags prices now :P
  6. ^^ She sure did! Remember when she sold a seafoam city and purse earlier this year for under $1k BIN?? I just about died when I saw that I missed those auctions...

    Now her prices are sky-high! :rolleyes:
  7. I'm surprised she doesn't even have any offers!
  8. It's because she never excepts any of them. Why bother to offer her when she usually won't accept it anyway.
  9. I've seen her accept offers $200 below the BIN price. I've also noticed she lets offer expire. I'd sure try it if I wanted the bag!
  10. i also think she is the one who accepted low offers on the coin purses recently. I was watching the auctions, and was suprised she let them go!
  11. Exactly! I do want it but she wouldn't accept my offer and her price is a little steep. I would have rather gotten Mimz's last week for less over LVladys.
  12. 0o0o0o i just love this colour... hehehe!
  13. go for it helen!!!;)