SDJ Baby for 5'10" frame?!

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  1. I've had my eye on a SDJ for some time now, but need help determining what size would be best for me. I love both big and small bags, so there's really no preference when it comes to size. I'm debating between baby or small.

    I'm leaning towards the baby, but I'm 5'10" and feel like it may be too small for me.

    Any ladies around my height with the baby SDJ? I'd love to see pictures or hear opinions! xo
  2. I have 2 of each of the sizes you mentioned and am 5'9. I don't think height has much to do with it, but I get the most use out of my green croc baby souple SDJ. Something about that combo just makes it more wearable for me.

    Other than gauging the size by what you'll likely carry in it, you may want to do an image search of others wearing the bag to see what look you prefer.

    As an example, this is a pic of Kate Bock in a baby...and apparently she's your height:
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  3. I think the sac de hour in the Baby size suits most people. It’s the Nano that might look too small on some. :smile:
  4. The Baby SDJ is the best size for any height IMO, it can fit all your essentials.:smile:. I find the Small size to be very big for casual wear... (I would use that size as a work bag or something)
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