scuffs and wear on MAMM trim


Sep 12, 2009
Hi Ladies,
I realize this may be moved and I did try searching for an answer but to little avail.

I'm semi stalking a cardinal red MAMM on bonz. The seller does list it as being quite scratched, however I notice I the pics it looks very worn on the edges around the lower part of the bag (ie the trim). Is there a fix for this? Would a little leather moisturizer and dye work? Price is low so I am guessing it needs a bit of TLC.

I do have a leather shop down the street that does repairs as well as construct bags. The woman that makes many of the things there does wonderful work (she took in a pair of boots in (the shaft was way too large) for me and you can't tell - she did such seemless work.
Just wondering what TPF thought! Thanks in advance ladies!
Sep 19, 2006
I haven't ever had a Mam but was able to take a picture (screen shot) of a bag I saw online into my local place and she was ale to give me a sense of how much they could fix and e cost....