Scratches on RM MA Mini?

  1. I got my RM MA Mini in Eggplant from Luna Boston. When I got the bag, there were tiny scratches on the top part of the bag near the zipper (off towards the side). I called Luna Boston and they informed me that they have found that the eggplant is more susceptible to scratches and may have been scratched when they took it out of the packaging. They suggested that some leather treatment may remove the scratches. Although it's not that noticeable, it does bother me every time I see it and it makes me sad. I called Luna again and they will talk to their buyer about getting me another eggplant because it is now out of stock. Question is, if they can't get another one, should I go ahead and keep it and try some leather treatment on it because I adore the eggplant color...if so, what brand; or, should I return it and get another color? Please help with my dilemma!
  2. If they are willing to pay for the return shipping fee and after (if you choose to get a different one), then i would say that getting another one might not be such a bad idea. I don't know, for me.... when i purchase a new bag I want it in the BEST condition as possible and although there are ways to fix it... it's just not the same. AFterall, you purchased it will FULL PRICE... it's not like a sample sale where you accept certain conditions.
  3. Thanks fashion1sta. You're absolutely right. I think I'll opt for another color if Luna can't find an eggplant for me. Who knows...what if the leather treatment does not work out and it makes it worse...then I might not even have the option of returning it at that point. Thanks for your input.
  4. That's so funny, my Eggplant MA had scratches in the exact same spot as you described. I ordered mine from JcMadison, I contacted them and they offered to exchange the bag or a credit. I opted for the credit b/c I love the bag and figured that a little leather conditioner may do the trick.
  5. Hi Mia. I'm kind of relieved to know it just wasn't my eggplant. Please let me know how the leather conditioner works out. Good deal on the credit.
  6. How is the leather on the eggplant, is it soft and slouchy or more structured and stiff?
    I'm thinking about the eggplant.
  7. Tanja, IMO the Eggplant is more structured (not so much stiff b/c mine does slouch but not like my other RM bags). However, I've only had the bag for 2 weeks and with use / time the leather may soften / loosen. Also, I have the regular sized MA so I'm not sure if the difference in size has something to do with the feeling of the leather. The only downside of the Eggplant is that it does tend to scratch easily.
  8. I also have the eggplant. It had some minor scratches on it when I got it as well. But the leather reminded me of my elephant leather, but a bit lighter weight, so I actually WANT it to get scratched/scuffed, because it adds character to the leather. This isn't something I invite on most leathers, but I know this one will weather nicely and have a beautiful patina over time.