Scary :(

  1. i went to try to check out other forums, and ppl are kinda mean!

    *hides* i like this one the best, everyone is super lovely! :shrugs:

    :love: coach:love:
  2. We try to maintain on topic threads here, and this really has nothing to do with COACH.. but I'm sorry you weren't greeted as well. It just takes some time to adjust and get to know other people and their temperments. BUT don't let it turn you away from tPF!
  3. i kinda felt like my wallet couldn't afford it! i'm a newbie... i guess that's how collections get started :p i can barely afford my coach addiction is i guess what i shoulda said, i guess i just felt like a sore thumb! ;) sry!
  4. we're glad you like us here, lol.

    like aarti said, it takes time for people to get used to newbies. so don't worry.
  5. thanks guys :heart:

    ETA: woah, newbie with 227 posts... WOW. what a nut i am.
  6. I have a hard time affording my addiction too! Don't let anyone get you down, because eventually the people who are just starting out turn out to be the ones with the killer collections (or at least so a fellow newbie hopes!)
  7. Do you mean other threads on tpf or a different forum from tpf?
  8. Aww viciousbliss. Here's a virtual hug [HUG] :heart:
  9. you know i realized that ppl might think i'm talking about ppl being mean directly to me *hugs* no, but i read a few threads in a few diff subforums, and ppl were snappy at eachother, i'm not going to say specifics because every subforum is great in it's own way, and i'm not trying to put ppl down, i just noticed different forums have COMPLETELY different mannerisms.

    coach = tranquilizer! for sure! :girlsigh:

    ETA: thanks for sharing my addiction guys, it's nice to belong somewhere!