Scary thing about LE or seasonal LV items!

  1. They grow on you AFTER they are all gone! I hate this! :cursing: :sweatdrop:

    So far, which LE or seasonal items did you hate or not like at first, wouldn't be caught dead carrying, then once it's all gone and become hard to find, you suddenly feel that you MUST have it no matter what and ended up paying double or triple on eBay? Let's share..!
  2. Miroir hands down......... I remember seeing these and was like "WTH?" and now I LOVE LOVE LOVE the speedies!!!!!! but their marked up over $1700+ on eBay!!

    I just got my LVOE bandeau and that will be good enough from that LE line................ (is my bandeau LE?-- I think so right?)
  3. URG! i know what you mean!!! I HATED the miroir bags but now i LOVE THEM and only place i can find them is eBay and they are soooo expensive..
  4. I am feeling this way about my patchwork speedy. It arrived this morning, and I do like it, but it is so pricey! But I think if I return it I will be wishing I had it back later! I don't know what to do!
  5. Yes , I really love the navy polka dot bowly, but the price on ebay is ridiculous. I might be able to find one still in a store somewhere.
  6. waaaahaha. conte de fees. at first i thought it was SO hideous, and now i want a musette.
  7. I agree, some of the lines take a bit to grow on you and then the balh bag turns into the gotta have bag!
  8. The monogram Stephen (spelling?)-first I didn`t like the chain & size & everything about it. Now, after I have seen people carrying it a couple of times I really like it!

  9. KEEP the patchwork speedy! If after time goes by and you still don't like it, then you know you can sell it for a lot more!!! :graucho:
  10. Ehh I wont ever buy off of ebay so the pressure is def. on when I see limited things I want lol. Of course in past seasons there are things I want but I could live with out... but I have a few ideas up my sleeve's!

  11. Sooooo true.
  12. It wasn't a hate thing but way back when the Waltz collection came out, I wasn't a frequent LV shopper and those bags were reserved for VICs so I never even got a chance to view one IRL (although, I was standing next to a lady who was buying Waltz Macha but that was as close as I got to the bag at that time). I finally ended up gettin myself Waltz Oskar on eBay (last year). Same thing happened with Vienna bags.
  13. miroir is growing on me. the papillon looks so cute!!!
  14. Miroir and I used to not like Dentelle but now I really want the Fersen!!!
  15. Oh I've done this so many times!!