scarves- how to wear in your hair

  1. ive always wondered, do you tie them so none of your hair near your forehead is shown or do you let a little show, with a side part or no part-
    OR more importantly, how do you tie it? in a bow at the nape of your neck, like how is it done?
  2. For me, I let a little hair near my forehead show with a piece parted to my left (my hair's layered so I have what look like long bangs). Then I tie it (bow) at the back of my neck. Very cute.
  3. its cute, when only your bangs show, and you tie the bow at the back of the neck (haha isnt that what abandonedimages was talking about though?)
  4. I don't know..I only use it for decoration on my bags. It looks terrible on my head. I guess my head is too big..LOL!
  5. LOL pursefanatic!

    i think this is one look i can actually pull off thanks to abandonedimages and reynald! thanks! i never have anything to do with my thorn bush of my hair, and this totally cutens it up. thanks!!
  6. Heck yes, lol! You're gonna look adorable. What material scarves are you using? I only have one and the tag says "SILK 100%" but its so thin and see-through like, boo! I want that nice, smooth silk (kind of thicker, you know?). Yummy ;]
  7. the one i was inquiring about is this kind of sorta transulcent, kind of rough texture of a fabric,its like a gauzy black with off white polka dots. its more classic, not like a black material with white dots, and its gauzy so my black hair sets it off so its not like AHH dots. i also have a pure silk scarf from kashmir that i want to try out too. i have more of like those square scarves, one beautiful one i also got from kashmir that a friend ahem tried to iron because of a rendevous she borrowed it for.. and that left this ripped up corner so i use it on my dressing stool in the corner with the torn part facing the wall lol. otherwise the other silk two i have i use one to block the wandering eyes of my elderly and preverted neighbor and one on my walll. so ive only used them for decoration in my home or a sarong. but now i can add some to my hair! thanks!
  8. i was thinking about getting a coach one..
  9. It's funnyb/c I have the purple lizard ponytail scarf, and every time I wear it, I'll keep it on for like an hour, then take it off b/c I feel like it's going to slide out of my hair and off my head. My bf is like, "Why did you buy that if you never wear it out of the house?"
  10. LOL