Scarf rings for pocket squares?

  1. My boyfriend just ordered me my very first H scarf and I'd like to get a scarf ring for it, but it is a pocket square and I'm not sure if the ones on the H site will work with it. Sadly, I live about 200 miles from the nearest boutique so browsing is out of the question until Feb or March when I get to visit home (the Bay Area) and its glorious, glorious shopping.
    Are there scarf rings specifically for pocket squares or do the ones on the H site work for all sizes? This is all mighty confusing without any sort of hands-on comparison and the product descriptions leaving something to be desired.:push:
  2. Rose, just a quick note. thanks for being so quick to answer all our newbie questions about scarves. You never seem to allow our confusion/ignorance to last more than a few minutes. You're so generous with your knowledge, you rock!
  3. Oh jeez, I didn't even realize! Thank you! :smile:
  4. Aww, thank you, just passing info that others have kindly passed on to me. :heart::heart: