Scarf Ring question

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  1. I was reading guccigal07's thread and thought I'd ask this about the scarf rings as well. I do not live near a Hermes, closest is in Vancouver alas, so I will need to order one via phone -- but this will be my first one to go with my first Hermes Scarf, the Jungle Love in Pink .. I could sure use any suggestions what to ask for when I call, here's a pic of me wearing it ... but no ring yet .. the Horn one sounds interesting .. etc. any pics would help too .. I've seen only whats on the Hermes site and thats not much. Thank you for any suggestions.


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  2. Vista, since this scarf has both brown and black in the coloring, I will suggest either the black wood ring or the horn ring. The horn ring will give it a 'softer' feel.
  3. Thanks :smile: Do they come in different sizes or when I call just ask for the wood or horn ring? Maybe I should make this an excuse to visit my Mum in Montreal soon anyway and visit the Hermes there hmmm :smile: just thought of that lol but I'd probably bring home more than a scarf ring LOL ...
  4. ^^ Just the one size, so just ask for the wood or horn ring. They are all slightly different in shade.
  5. Vista, I have both the wood and horn scarf ring and agree with Rose that either would be wonderful with your Jungle Love scarf. They are both so lightweight which helps make them really easy to wear. FWIW, my other favorite scarf ring is the one called "Ruban". It is a circular one that looks like two bands on one side making a "sideways" H and they cross to make an "x" on the other side. It has a slightly smaller diameter than many of the round scarf rings and I find that helps it to stay in place. (It is the ring wrapped around Princess B in the "playing with Sister Maggie's scarf rings" picture that I posted in the Sisterhood thread on Friday.) I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying your Jungle Love scarf. We miss you here in Houston.
  6. Thank you MaggieD .. I revisited that picture and what a charming scarf ring that is as well - I can tell already I'll be needing more than one eventually I'm sure, and another scarf :smile: