Scarf print umbrella.... from 07???

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  1. Does anyone remember if there was a 2007 scarf print umbrella? in the greens and the browns??

    Like this?

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  2. Yes I'm pretty sure they did - sorry this picture sucks, but here it is:

  3. MargaritaNMix, I think that is the blue one.

    Droo- I don't remember there being a green one, but then I wasn't so into the umbrellas. I have the tote, makeup bag, scarf, and rain boots in that print. Have you tried calling jax to ask? If you have the item number from one item they should be able to tell you what was in the collection.

  4. oooh, great advice! thanks...

    and margarita, thank you too!
  5. i love that print, so pretty! Good luck finding a matching umbrella
  6. Update!

    Called JAX...

    That print was NEVER made in an umbrella.... so sad....

    Oh well, thats my wishful thinking!