Scarf prices.....

  1. Anyone know if scarf prices are going to be going up along with everything else?????
  2. D, they've gone up here in Aus already. Used to be $465.00, now they're $480.00 AUD.
  3. Bloody price rises......
  4. This is why I felt the need to just purchase so many things last year, I must have felt it in my bones.....
  5. 5% price increase in Switzerland.
  6. Hehehe!! I need me that 6th sense!
  7. I heard they're going up by $5.
  8. Jumping Jesus......I'd better make my list and start BUYING!!!! QUICK!!!!!
  9. Yup D, just made some last minute scarf buys today before they increased the prices!
  10. QUICK D!!!!


    SHOP F A S T E R !!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. They've already gone up.
  12. :wtf:

    I'M TOO LATE?!?!?!?!?!?!
  13. ^^^Shopmom, NOT YET YOU'RE NOT!!!!!

    Breathe, breathe, breathe.

    I just bought way too many myself in a misguided attempt to save money. (I explained it all to my DH, but he wasn't convinced.)

    Anyway, the website shows scarves at $320 just 10 minutes ago, and the Dallas store still had scarves at $320 today. The SA said it would take effect 2/1.

    You still have a good 24 hours to do some major damage.

    I'm rooting for you. You can do it! I know you can!!! Get out there and snag some silk, woman!
  14. THUNDERING JESUS!!!!! I'd better get my BUTT in gear...............
  15. The time has come for some serious Commando Shopping, shopmom. May the wind be at your back.