Scarf booklet give away

  1. Hi! I have an extra scarf tying booklet and a 2007 spring/summer scarf booklet. Free to a good home, just PM me.:heart:

    I also have another Le Monde
  2. Hi Rose,

    I just PM'd you. Let me know if you've still got the goods...
  3. I can't get the PM to work. Is it disabled. If it were abled, I'd pm you and would love the 2007 catalogue. I have a scarf tying booklet already. thanks. and if someone else beat me to it, that's okay too.
  4. Loren, I have just PMed Birkin 123 back asking her which ones she wants. I can always get another one for you and give it to you when you come and visit if she wants them both.
  5. Loren... the 2007 booklet is yours.
  6. I still have a Le Monde if someone wants it.....
  7. Rose,

    You are way too kind and generous... thanks for the offer. I'll take the scarf tying booklet if you don't mind?

    I'm new in the world of scarfs and looking for ideas...
  8. Scarf tying booklet is yours B

    How exciting...
  10. Mods, please close.....the booklets are gone for now.
  11. Hi Rose! Just joined TPF after searching the Yahoo about scarf tying booklet & voila there are TPF members who have extra copies to spare. Do you still have one to give away? I'm in a nice home right now :smile: Thanks!
  12. It's okay. Thanks anyway!
  13. Do you still have an extra one to spare? Will appreciate it since my daughter thinks it is out of fashion. Thank you!
  14. Thank you Rose for giving me the website! Please keep me in mind though if & when you have extra copies. ;)