Scarf advice from the experts

  1. I'm thinking about getting a Hermes scarf in the regular size but I'm not sure which one would suit me. I've been wearing all sorts of smaller scarves the past year or so and want to try something larger.

    I wear lots of black and grey with some browns thrown in. Grey is actually probably my best color LOL! This would be for work, where we are technically business casual but I wear suit jackets and pants or a cardigan and pants most days. It would also be great to wear outside of work, but my style outside tends to be more adventurous.

    I'm drawn to these scarves but maybe they're too black?

    There are my more adventurous selections, LOL:

    Or should I just wait for fall? I sort of wish there was something more oriental or Persian rug like or maybe something in a cobalt blue.

    I may get the red berry twilly though just to experiment with a little color (I must admit I wish it came in black!)

    Just to give an idea of my taste, I'm going to get this Gucci scarf, which I've already been wearing in the smaller version.

    I'm really not good at this :push: so any advice would be appreciated!

  2. :shame: OMG I think I should have titled my thread - Seeking scarf advice from the experts!
  3. Winternight, I wear a lot of black, and I mean A LOT OF BLACK!!!! I live in NYC after all and even buy dark Woolite in bulk. So for my scarves I like a bit of black with a lot of color. It really livens the ensemble quite a bit. On the following page I like Au Coeur de La Vie, Albums de Colportage, and Belles de Mexique.

    Black Scarves on
  4. Winternight........I wear a ton of black/white/grey/browns and I would not suggest the first two selections...... I bought the first scarf in that exact colorway and returned it because it was kind of dull against the colors that I usually wear. KWIM? Instead, I went home with this one.....

    and I can't tell you how STUNNING it really it! Those colors really pop against the blacks/greys. This is a gorgeous scarf.

    I also have this one which I wear a LOT and's very "quiet" but makes a statement too.....

    And the other one I could totally see with your color palatte is this beauty.....(Imagine this with grey/cream/touches of black)

    Don't you love scarves??????????
  5. Wow, I'll have to try those on. I wouldn't have thought such bright colors - but it makes sense since I wear so much black. I live in black cashmere sweaters, jeans, and black boots/ballet flats on weekends, so I think something colorful would work better. One question though - how do I know the scarf's name? I know some of them its written on the scarf but I wasn't sure which ones you meant HG.

    I think once I learn how to wear larger scarves I'll be hooked! I've already been wearing my smaller ones quite a bit. I love what they add to a look.
  6. ^^^^Teehee! Sorry about that.
    Top right: Albums de Colportage
    Top middle: Au Coeur de la Vie
    Center: Belle de Mexiques

    Tip: If you click on the pattern and open the page dedicated to the pattern itself and click on the main scarf on that page, a little magnifying glass will appear when you run the cursor on the scarf itself. It can magnify the name so that you can read it.
  7. I love love love my Jungle Love scarf in the black colorway. Great with grey, black, brown!
  8. omg the monsieur and madame scarf is TDF. that would look AMAZING with black and grey!
  9. Winternight, this is my first post on TPF and after slogging through many threads I finally found one where I just had to chime in. I've got that vintage Black Gucci scarf on your wishlist and it's one of my favorites. I live in the NY Metro area where the official work and play uniform is black, so I can relate to your scarf choice concerns. I agree with hlfinn -- I've got the Monsieur & Madame scarf and it's fabulous with black and grey. Here it is knotted:
  10. welcome millstream! and i'm not just saying that because you agreed with me. lol. i think that might need to be my first scarf. i was looking at more subdued colors but that one is amazing.
  11. I too wear tons of black. My bags are black, my clothing is black mostly and I bought a black scarf but never wore it. I finally gave it away. I have multicolored high contrast pattern scarves and they seem to offer that pop next to the face that is so nice. I also will wear them over a dress as a belt and get loads of compliments. I've steered away from pale/white scarves for fear of getting makeup or stains on them that are easier to see. Anyway my advice is to try to get something with colors you love that perhaps has a touch of black to it that way you can incorporate it with most clothing. I love the CLERC scarves for the little bit of black with tons of color.
  12. Winternight, I second S'mom's advice on this scarf (the black Au Coeur de la Vie). I have tons of scarves (I am scared to say how many) but have found myself consistently reaching for this one lately whenever I'm wearing a black outfit. There is also a black background version of the Danse de la Cosmos scarf that is quite stunning, but it didn't last long on the website.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Hermes scarves!!!!
  13. Thanks ladies! Its very helpful to hear how other people who share my love of black clothing acessorize.

    Some of the scarfs look really amazing knotted but I find that I'm not as drawn to their pattens when they are flat - then again some of the scarves I love flat I'm not that crazy about knotted- does this happen to people? How do you decide? Is a scarf that looks amazing knotted something you'd get even if you were 'eh' about the pattern?

    Millstream - I'm defintely getting that Gucci - I wear the smaller one alot, I'm actually wearing it today - love it.