Scared and frustrated about Miroir & eBay

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  1. Dear all,

    I've been a lurker on this forum for a long time now. Meaning I read what you guys talk about but rarely posting.

    However, lately I've had a lot of problems posting Louis Vuitton Miroir items on eBay. I've sold many many LV, Hermes and Chrome Hearts and other designer items before on eBay (my user name is XXXXXXX) which are all 100% authentic, and I would never ever sell a fake to damage my reputation on eBay. However, lately it seems every time I list an auction, something happens to my auctions and eBay continually cancels them.

    I've done everything I can... post receipts, shows the tags, take many large pictures of the detailing on the piece so that anyone who knows anything about LV will knows it's real. I have two Miroir Speedys, one (silver) was for my girlfriend as a surprise, but turned out to hate it. The gold one I was going to sell for a profit to pay for the other bag. Last week, eBay has allowed me to sell other LV items, but canceled all my Miroir items.

    Now, they have completely banned me from selling Louis Vuitton. I try appealing to VeRo, offering to produce anything from credit card receipts to actual Louis Vuitton boutique receipts to help reinstate my account, I am just incredibly frustrated because I live too far from the Vuitton boutique to return the Speedys now, since I have work on weekdays, and I don't know what do with them. I don't know about the rules of selling anything here on the forum, or what other ways I can get my money back. Credit card bills are coming soon and I would really really appreciate any suggestions or help.:sos::crybaby:


    You are not allowed to post your eBay ID/promote yourself as an eBay sell on tPF.
  2. I am sooooo sorry... :wtf:

    I wish there was some advice I could give to you... I hope you'll have another chance at selling LV on eBay again soon!!!! :sad:
  3. You could always ship them back to the boutique for a refund maybe? I think E-bay is really cracking down on LV items!?! Sorry!
  4. selling/promoting your items for sale is prohibited on this forum (unless you have access to the MP, which requires an application process).

    i'm sorry this happened to you... i think i did see your auction but had no idea ebay removed the listing. this has happened to other sellers, although, i'm not sure what can be done with ebay. i hope they will allow you to sell again in the future, especially since you're doing all you can to prove your items are authentic.

    doesn't really make any sense to me. i see quite a few other miroir pieces on ebay right now, but why haven't they been rermoved if yours was? i know they're cracking down on counterfeit bags, but it seems like many authentic sellers are taken down as well.
  5. Louis Vuitton and Ebay are cracking down on a lot of the resellers...I'd take a day off of work if I didn't want to be stuck with CC bills...
  6. Honestly, I am personally against MP. Just on a principal level - while I think having authentic Louis Vuitton on eBay and online in general is a good thing, MP seems to be filled with sellers who charge $4000 for a $1400 item. Sure, if you have a hot bag you can charge more than the retail, but when it's 300% or 400% it seems like they are trying to create a cartel. Part of this is because MP requires so much work to be part of and requires a membership fee. Strangely, I definitely qualify for MP, but I don't think I want to.

    What about craigslist? I am scared to do it because they usually want to meet in person and I don't want be held at gunpoint for my miroir speedys.
  7. Hmm, I think you are talking about a different MP. The MP here is not filled with sellers who do that and has no membership fee to join either...which one are you talking about?
  8. I was thinking of mypoupette.

    I can't take off work >_<. I am a financial analyst... my work hours are from 9AM-8PM and they want me to stay later! I don't want to get fired over a couple of thousand dollars!
  9. I am not an avid Ebay-er, but why (assuming the item is authentic) would Ebay remove a listing?!?!?!
  10. They are very vague in their answer:

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Dear xxxxx

    You recently listed the following listing:


    The listing was removed because it violated eBay policy. All fees related to this listing have been credited to your account. We also notified members who placed bids on the item that the listing has
    been canceled.

    A trademark is a unique sign (such as a name, word, phrase, logo, or symbol) that identifies a company's products and services. Trademark infringement is illegal, and eBay doesn't permit sellers to use a trademark in a way that confuses or misleads buyers about the source or affiliation of an item.

    Listings that contain information indicating that the item infringes intellectual property rights are not permitted on eBay.

    - Take eBay's brief tutorial on Intellectual Property Policies and VeRO
    - Read the ended listings FAQ at eBay: Redirect
    - Ask eBay a question using the link on the above help page

    eBay has temporarily restricted your account as a result of a policy violation. You'll be able to create new listings after you've completed a short tutorial on this policy.

    The next time you sign in to your eBay account, you'll be asked to take this tutorial. We'll be happy to remove the restriction as soon as you've finished it, and you'll be able to start selling again immediately.

    To take the intellectual property tutorial, please visit:

    eBay Policy Tutorial - VeRO

    Please be aware that any additional violations of this policy may result in the suspension of your account. eBay understands that you may be concerned about this situation.

    For more information on why eBay may remove a listing, please visit:

    Why eBay May Remove Your Listing

    Thank you for your understanding.


    eBay Trust & Safety

    **DO NOT post your eBay ID nor your item #s here!

  11. Good luck with your can always return it .By the way, you shouldn't include your Ebay ID in here, it's against the rule.

    MP is Marketplace in this forum, I don;t know which MP you are talking about.
  12. Couturegrl - Ebay is really dumb like that. It targets the ones who sell authentic probably because the scammers report the real listings.

    Siren - if you can't send it back to return, then probably the best thing for you to do is to hold on to it until you can get into the MP (Marketplaza) here and sell it for retail. I'm sure lots of people would love to get it.

    I've seen your auctions before and you always have nice items. Good luck!
  13. Okay, sorry!! I thought [FONT=Arial, Verdana]it was mypoupette.[/FONT]
  14. I don't think you're allowed to tell your eBay screen name here on the tPF. :Push: Just thought you should know in case a Mod closes this thread. :idea:
  15. Wow hope everything gets resolved:sad:

    I have heard that you can consign your LV with some sellers???